With the arrival of Spring, the time has also arrived for you to prepare your home for a new season. We have put together some helpful tips for organizing your home quickly and effectively this spring, so you can spend more time enjoying the weather!

switch to lighter bedding

Let’s start with the bedrooms! You can incorporate spring colours and patterns in to your home décor by switching to lighter bedding throughout the home. We know temperatures in the spring can be very inconsistent; adding layers to your bed allows you to bundle up or dress it down based on the weather. You can easily add layers to your bedspread with cotton sheets, throws, quilts, and textured pillows.

It’s a good idea to plan a laundry day to wash all the blankets and throws you used throughout the winter season. This will help keep them fresh and ready to use again next season.

sort your closet

organize the closets

After a busy winter season, it’s always a good idea to sort through the closets in your house and store away items that won’t be used in the spring and summer. We recommend you start with one closet at a time, so it is less overwhelming. Before you start, gather handy items you might need such as boxes, a damp cloth, and a vacuum. Put on some fun music (because who says chores have to be boring) and get started with the bedroom closets first.


When cleaning your closet, do you always feel at a loss of where to start? Breaking the process down into several steps will help make this task seem less overwhelming. Start with removing everything from the closet – this will allow you to sort through items you no longer want or need.

Take a look at your winter clothes, was there anything that stayed on the hanger all season long? If there is, this is an excellent opportunity to declutter unwanted items and donate them to a local thrift store. Store the clothes you want to keep in a bin or box to make more room for spring and summer clothes. Don’t forget to leave behind some layers for rainy or cold days.


Now it’s time to organize the mudroom! Put away winter coats and boots to make space for light outerwear, rain boots, and sports shoes. We recommend cleaning winter boots with a damp cloth to remove dirt and stains for durability and longevity before putting them away. The best place to keep them is in the same box they came in, or you can use storage boxes. If you are thinking of buying new boots next year, add the old ones to a ‘give-away’ pile to donate later.

If you are looking for closet organizers and shoe racks to help keep your space tidy, check out these products or stores recommended by Ange Mcnamara, a professional organizer at Klear Inc.

donate unwanted items

donate unwanted items

Before disposing of unwanted items, think of the best way to do it. You can sell high-quality and gently used items to a local consignment store, or donate items to a local donation centre. You may want to consider dividing your ‘give-away’ pile into ‘sell’ or ‘donate’ if you plan to do both.

Local stores that accept second-hand clothing donations include Thrift on Kent, Goodwill, and The Perfect Find, or you can sell gently used items to Plato’s Closet, Hello Again, and Luster and Oak. When donating any items, make sure they are tidy, clean, and in good condition. Before you go, visit the Donation Centre’s website and take note of their donation process!

tidying up the garage

Now, let’s tidy up the garage so it’s ready for spring! In late spring, when temperatures climb, you can start to put away seasonal items such as shovels, snow blowers, road salt and sand that you won’t need again until next winter.

Next, you can bring out gardening tools, fertilizers, grass cutters, and other gardening essentials you will need this spring and summer. While going through the garage, you may want to write down a list of items you need to buy such as tools, new fertilizer, fresh soil or anything else to create your very own backyard oasis.

Fingers crossed we don’t see any snow in April, however, we recommend keeping your winter tires on until the weather is more consistent. To prepare for warmer weather, you can make an appointment with a local auto shop several weeks out to avoid any delays.

feeling overwhelmed?

We know preparing for spring can be a daunting task. If you’re still feeling like it’s too much to handle or want to take the stress away, reach out to a professional organizer like Ange from Klear Inc. for help! And lastly, don’t miss a beat with our handy checklist in our Spring Home Maintenance blog to ensure all of the important home maintenance tasks are on your spring-cleaning to-do list this year!