The snow is melting, and the sun is peaking through the clouds, that’s right… it’s finally Spring! As we start to see warmer and sunnier days the time has also arrived for you to prepare your home for a new season. We are taking spring cleaning one step further by also ensuring you are taking proper care of your home, so it stays in excellent condition for years to come. Don’t miss a beat with our handy checklist below to ensure all your home maintenance tasks are on your spring-cleaning to-do list this year!

Indoor Maintenance

Let’s start from the inside and work our way out! Here are a few items that will need your attention inside the home:

  • Check the attic for insulation blowback. Strong winds could blow around the insulation and create empty cold spots, which may lead to access condensation.
  • Check the sump pump and ensure it is operating properly.
  • Replace and/or clean all filters in your home (range hood, furnace, HRV).
  • Test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace batteries if needed.
  • Lubricate hinges and mechanisms on windows and doors.
  • Check windows and screens and ensure the window cranks are operating properly.
  • Warmer weather tends to bring a higher humidity level. Purchase a dehumidifier to remove access moisture from the air to combat the humidity, if required. To learn more on humidity and your home click here!

Spring Cleaning

  • Vacuum and dust top to bottom!
  • Steam clean the carpets.
  • Put away any bulky winter items (clothing, jackets, shovels, snowblowers, road salt and sand).
  • Bring out your spring and summer clothing.
  • Declutter the closets.

If you want more tips on Spring Cleaning, check out part 1 of our 2-part Spring Cleaning Series!

Outdoor Maintenance 

Please keep in mind that your Tarion warranty factors in homeowner maintenance. That is why keeping up with outdoor maintenance is essential! Follow this checklist to keep your home in peak condition:

  • Check that the exhaust vents at the exterior are clear of debris.
  • Remove any remaining snow and ice from the overhang and vents.
  • Check the eaves troughs and downspouts and clean if needed.
  • Ensure downspout extensions are connected and are pointed away from the foundation walls.
  • Turn on and test the exterior water supply.
  • Plan landscaping to avoid soil settlement and water ponding.
  • Clean and test the air conditioner.

Garden Maintenance 

Now that you’ve gone over the essential exterior aspects of your home, it’s time to check on your garden! Get ready for another year of beautiful plants and grass with these helpful tips:

  • Remove all dead branches and weeds from your lawn and garden.
  • Clean any plant debris out of the garden beds.
  • Scrub and sterilize the birdbath.
  • Test the garden’s soil (every 3-5 years) to see what nutrients or organic materials it needs.
  • Feed the soil (vegetables and plants need fresh new soil to grow).
  • Prune anything that has been broken or damaged by the winter weather.
  • Plant your annual spring flowers.
  • Watch for freezing temperatures and be ready to cover any plants that have emerged from the soil (use old sheets or towels to protect the plants).

Have you found an issue and you’re not sure what’s covered under your warranty?

With the purchase of an Activa home, our partner Tarion has you covered under warranty for years to come. For more information on what is covered please go to Tarion and login to see your home details. You can also check your customer experience binder for more specifics!

and remember!

At Activa, we are present at every step of the home buying process – which includes years after you have moved in! We want to minimize any complications that could be costly and time-consuming and want our homeowners to feel safe and in control of their new homes. For more information on home maintenance for each season, visit