Once you’ve made the decision to buy a new home instead of resale, the next step is to research which builder you’re going to choose. You should consider the style of floorplans they offer, upgrades and finishing options, how they’ve shaped their customer experience and most importantly, how they construct their homes. Your builder will have a big impact on how much you enjoy your build process, so it’s important to spend some time to get to know them.

If you’re considering building your new home with Activa, you should know we approach construction with a unique mindset – where providing our homeowners with a better build experience, building a trusting relationship throughout the process, and creating a quality home we would be proud to call our own is paramount.

Before you decide to build with Activa, you should know about three of the ways we approach construction (that are a little different than the rest) that make for a better home, and better construction experience.

1) We do inspections, and lots of them.

Between our internal construction inspections, city inspections, and third party engineer / trade inspections, our homes are examined by a lot of eyes. In fact, it’s common for one home to be inspected more than ten times before a homeowner moves in!

Having numerous inspections (many of which are conducted by independent third parties) means that we have processes in place to ensure that our homes are built to a consistently high standard. This allows us to deliver homes with a dependable level of craftsmanship and quality you can count on. Having so many checks and balances in place throughout the construction process offers our homeowners greater peace of mind – so you can trust that your new home is being built exactly like it should be.

2) We take a little bit longer to build your home than most.

A core part of our beliefs here at Activa is that when you trust your builder, you have a better build experience. To maintain and build this trust, we set clear promises, and make things right when we don’t meet your expectations.

One of the ways we do this is by being mindful about our construction schedule and setting realistic closing dates – we care about your closing date and want to do our best to meet it, so we give ourselves the time to build your home right. In our opinion, rushing construction and crafting a quality home don’t go together, so we’ve lengthened our construction schedules to give our team the time to build your home the way it should be.

Trust us, some things are worth waiting for.

3) We train our trade partners to do things the Activa way.

Like any homebuilder, Activa works with licensed and certified trade partners (like electricians and plumbers) in the community to help build out homes – they provide us with the expertise needed to build a quality home!

But we take things one step further than most builders. We take the time to train our trade partners on the Activa Standards of Construction, so that everyone who touches your home knows the level of quality we’re working towards. It ensures consistency between all of our homes, in all of our communities, and helps us to build the best home we can for our homeowners. Not to mention, when selecting our trade partners, we’re looking for teams that embody the same values as we do and are committed to building quality homes, on time, for our homeowners.

PS: One more thing you should know about our trade partners: whenever possible, we work to hire local companies to help support businesses in Waterloo Region! It’s important to us that our construction practices give back to our community.


We’re Proud of the Homes We Build 

These three aspects of construction are just a few of the ways that Activa aims to build better homes and better communities across Waterloo Region – like how we start by developing master planned neighbourhoods, offer ENERGY STAR® Qualified homes and have shaped our customer journey to be stress-free for our homeowners.

If you think you’re ready to choose Activa as your builder, click here to take a look at our current communities and learn which neighbourhood will be right for you!