Fresh paint, stunning floors, sparkly backsplash, cozy lighting and more – and it’s finally yours. Can you picture it?

At Activa, we want our homeowners to enjoy the build of their home, and for it to be as stress-free and exciting as possible! Part of this is incorporating plenty of check points throughout the build, including our unique Pre-Drywall Appointment, to ensure that our homeowners are knowledgeable about their home and feel excited to move in.

Your Pre-Delivery Inspection, or a PDI, is the first time you will see your finished home – it’s often the most memorable appointment in the entire construction process! After waiting patiently throughout the construction process, our homeowners get to see their home!

What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection?

In this appointment, your Customer Experience Coordinator will highlight the exciting features and functions in your new home. It’s also when you will go through your new home from corner to corner to make sure everything is up to your (and our) standards. You’ll also learn about how to maintain your home to ensure that you know how to keep it in top shape for years to come!

Your Customer Experience Coordinator will be ready to guide you every step of the way and record anything of concern. You’ll receive a copy of this list and have the opportunity to review it before completing your appointment.

If your PDI appointment is coming up, lucky you! Since the PDI is usually done a week or two before the possession date, it means you’ll be moving in soon. These few weeks between the appointment and closing date gives us time to work on any items noted during this appointment. After this, you’ll be ready to move in to your beautiful new home!

Over the years, we’ve noticed our homeowners have the same questions about preparing for their PDI appointment. If yours is coming up, here’s what you might be wondering:

Should You Hire an Inspector for Your PDI?

When you’re buying resale, it’s a smart idea to get your new home professionally inspected. However, Tarion (the organization that oversees all new home warranties in Ontario) has advised that new homes are to be inspected by the city at various stages of construction to make sure there are no building code violations. Fun fact: it’s not uncommon for our homes to be inspected over ten times before they’re ready for the home owner! Because of this, it’s not necessary to bring an inspector to this appointment.

With your Tarion new home warranty, any defects in materials or workmanship will be covered. For this reason, we recommend that if you decide you’d like to use a third-party inspector, you use them after you have moved in to assist with the 30-day warranty list. This is a better use of their time and expertise (and your money!)

What’s Considered a Defect?

Tarion sets guidelines on what’s considered a defect in your new home. For example, small blemishes in your flooring that can be seen while standing are warrantable. On the other hand, any marks on the wall that can only be seen while standing less than five feet away are not warrantable – they’re simply too small and unnoticeable to be considered a defect!

Your Customer Experience Coordinator will be able to guide you in determining if any defects are present in your new home.

How Will I Remember All of This?

This seems like a lot of information to take in within one appointment, because it is! But don’t worry, Activa and Tarion have this information documented for your future reference in your handy Customer Experience Binder – and your Customer Experience Coordinator is always available for questions!



Some More FAQ:

Q: How long will the appointment take?

A: The PDI appointment generally takes about 3 hours – we want to make sure you see and test everything!

Q: When will the appointment be?

A: PDIs take place during daytime business hours from Monday – Friday: this is so we can ensure your home’s Site Supervisor is able to help guide you throughout the home!

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: For this appointment, we ask that only the title owners are present, up to a maximum of 3 people. You’ll be able to show off your new home to them on closing day, though!

We want you to be proud of your new home, and our main goal is to have happy homeowners in all of our communities! To learn more about how our customer experience stands out from the rest, click here!