At Activa, we are proud to offer a customer experience that’s second-to-none. Complete with a dedicated Customer Experience Coordinator, homeowners have several touchpoints throughout the homebuilding journey, including our unique pre-drywall appointment so homeowners can see what’s behind the walls of their home.

To us, success is when a homeowner says “Activa made the process so easy”, like the Hughes family of Kitchener did (pictured below).

Hear from one of our Customer Experience Coordinators, Tammy, on what our team wants you to know:

We Want You to Be Happy (and Excited!)

First and foremost, this is your home and we want you to be happy and excited throughout your building journey. It can be an overwhelming process – especially if this the first time you are building or buying a new home. From picking the home’s floor plan, to choosing the design finishes you want, to doing the final walk through of your home, we want you to know that no question is too big or too small. We’re here to help!

Should you have any questions, concerns or just want an update on your home, please know you are always welcome to get in touch with your Customer Experience Coordinator. If the question should involve the expert advice of a third party (like insurance), we will guide you in the proper direction.

At the beginning of your colour selections appointment, you will meet your Customer Experience Coordinator for approximately 15 minutes. We like to take this time to introduce ourselves and briefly talk about the different stages of your new home build. We also provide you with a Welcome Home binder, containing information about the build of your home, your warranty and what you can expect with your occupancies and closings. Take the time to get acquainted with your binder and bring it to all your appointments – we find our homeowners feel empowered by the information inside!

You’ll Get to See Inside Your Home Before Closing Day

After your binder hand off, your next appointment with us will be your pre-drywall walk through – the first time you get to see inside your home! You’ll be introduced to the Site Supervisor, who is responsible for overseeing the construction of your home, and you’ll get to see the “bones” of your home. You can see the electrical and look for any adjustments you may have made to the plan (like adding pot lights to your great room), as well as see any extras you may have purchased (like adding extra receptacles to your kitchen). It gives you a chance to learn a bit more about the construction of your home and ask any questions you may have. And, of course, we love when you take pictures! If you choose to post them on Facebook or Instagram, make sure to share them with us by tagging @BuiltByActiva!

The next appointment will be your Pre-Delivery inspection (PDI). This inspection gives you the first look at the finished product: your dream home! We will walk through your home, room by room, explaining the functionality – opening windows, testing showers, tubs, and toilets, exhaust fans, and turning on all the lights. We also walk through the utility room, explaining your furnace, air conditioner, HRV, electrical panel, sump pump, plumbing clean outs, hose bib valves and more (it’s quite a handful, and we want to make sure you’re comfortable with it!). Finally, we examine all your finishing to make sure that everything is in perfect condition. Though it may seem overwhelming, this is our chance to help explain the maintenance required to keep your home in top shape (like how to manage the humidity levels in your home)!

On the day of closing or occupancy, you will meet with a site representative to go over any concerns from your pre-delivery inspection. This appointment is brief, and once it is complete, the home is yours (or will be as soon as your lawyer gives you the ok)!

Note: All our appointments are completed Monday – Friday during business hours. We highly recommend that you attend all walk throughs as there is a lot of information reviewed during that time.

We’re Here for You After Closing

Just because you now have your keys does not mean that your relationship with your Customer Experience Coordinator is over! We want to assure you that you are our top priority as we transition into your warranty period.

Don’t stress over documents you may need or important dates to remember – your Coordinator will keep track of all items for you! We will send you friendly reminders during the first year in your home, along with important maintenance tips that will help prepare you for home ownership.

We want you to know that we take great pride in our roles and want you to trust us, and Activa, to build you a high-quality home without stress or anxiety.

Most of all – we are here for you.

Looking to start your home building journey? Learn more about how we set ourselves apart from other builders here, or check out our floorplans by clicking here!