As a builder, we know that when it comes to a home, one size doesn’t fit all – nor does one style! But while the difference between a mid-rise condo and a single detached might be easy to see, one type of home comes in all shapes and sizes: the townhome.

Across our communities, we build several different types of townhomes (or towns) in order to fit density requirements from the Region, as well as the budget and square footage requirements of our homeowners! They can vary quite a bit in size, design and style, and it’s often hard to tell the differences solely from the names.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what is different between a traditional town and a stacked town, or a split level and a three-storey town, read on!

Traditional Towns

Traditional townhomes are likely what you imagine when you think of townhomes. They share side walls with the neighbouring home and can vary in terms of how many units are in one building. These homes typically have a basement, are two-storey, and are often similar in size to single detached homes. For instance, the towns pictured above are the Hillrock and the Twinleaf! The Twinleaf actually has the same floorplan (and 2,399 square feet of space) as the Summerpeak single detached home – but for a lower price tag!


Three Storey Towns

Three-storey townhomes are similar to traditional towns from the outside – but they’re built slab-on-grade, which means there is no basement. They share the sidewalls and have attached garages, but are three-storey (unlike the two-storey traditional towns!) The pictured towns are being built in Ormston at Doon South and have 1686 – 1840 sq. ft. of finished space. Because the main living space takes up the entire second level, the space is larger and more open than many other towns, since the garage doesn’t take up any of that square footage!


Bungalow Loft Towns

Bungalow lofts may look like a one-storey home from the outside, but they have loft areas on the second floor that provides extra living space. Our Stonegate floorplan has a convenient and accessible main floor master bedroom, complete with an ensuite. The second floor features a flexible living space with a lounge and two additional bedrooms.


Stacked Condo Town

Stacked Towns

Stacked townhomes are a type of multi-unit building which ‘stack’ one- or two-storey units on top of each other. They give homeowners more separation than a typical condo, because each unit has its own exterior front door and there are no elevators or shared lobbies.


Back-to-Back Towns

Back-to-back townhomes are just what they sound like: in addition to sharing sidewalls, homes share a back wall with another. This improves affordability, while still giving homeowners their own space. These homes still offer 1- or 2-car garages, 2-3 bedrooms with a large open concept living space and 1390 to over 1600 square feet of space.


Split-Level Towns

Split-level townhomes look similar to traditional or three-storey towns from the street – but their unique interiors help them stand out. These homes use staggered floors with short sets of stairs to create 5 different levels. This allows for statement-making, tall great room ceilings and spacious 1900+ sq.ft. plans with 3 bedrooms and 1- or 2-car garages.


Live/Work Towns

Live/work townhomes are a fairly new concept for the Region – but we’re excited to be bringing them to you! These homes have main floor ‘work space’ with street access where homeowners can run a business. We sold out quickly of these homes in The 124 at Huron Village in 2019!

Looking for Your Next Townhome?

Townhomes can be a great, affordable way to enter the housing market with a bit more space than many traditional condos can offer. They typically offer more bedrooms, a bigger space, often a private garage, and your own front door. Plus, we offer them in great, family-friendly neighbourhoods near schools, parks, and the other amenities you love. We are also proud to build our townhomes with careful attention to fire and sound separation to ensure our homeowners’ privacy, comfort, and safety.

Considering a townhome? You’ll want to ask your Sales Representative whether they’re freehold or condo towns. Freehold towns don’t have management or condo fees, but you’re responsible for more of the maintenance (such as repairs, landscaping and snow removal). Condo towns have a monthly fee to cover these types of expenses, and also tend to be slightly lower priced.

Want to see our current townhome floorplans? Click here!

*Illustrations are artists concepts only and may show optional features not included in base price. E. & O.E. OCT. 2019