Rohit Sikri

Mortgage Specialist, BMO

Embarking on the journey to homeownership requires not just excitement, but also a sense of security. At Activa, we understand the importance of upfront assurance when it comes to your mortgage. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our Mortgage Partner Program, a beacon of confidence amidst the uncertainties of home financing.

In collaboration with seven of the nation’s premier banks and credit unions, our program isn’t just about securing a mortgage—it’s about forging a path paved with certainty. By partnering with industry leaders, we ensure that your homebuying experience is backed by expertise and reliability from the very beginning.

Now, let’s turn our attention to another of our mortgage specialists, Rohit Sikri, BMO Mortgage Specialist!

Why is now a good time to purchase a new home?

The sudden interest rate hikes that took the market by surprise over the last 12-18 months have placed a lot of stress on real estate and pushed a lot of buyers to the sidelines. Despite the slowing volume of sales, in KWC and surrounding areas, home prices have shown great resilience. The pent-up demand of buyers sitting on the sidelines, combined with a housing supply shortage, a more favorable economic outlook and promises of rate reductions bode well for the future of home ownership in this market. Now is a great time to get back into the market!

Why work with an Activa Mortgage Partner?

Working with an Activa Mortgage Partner ensures that you will get the guidance you require throughout the entire home buying process. All your questions will be answered along the way while making sure that you get the best product that fits your unique lifestyle. Clients will have access to a variety of different rate/term options as well as programs to help aid them with their home ownership ambitions.

Why work with BMO?

Coming to BMO for your mortgage approval takes the stress out of buying a new home. You will be dealing with a highly skilled expert Mortgage Specialist and your application will be fully underwritten upfront (this means your employment and income will be locked in and the approval will be firm and binding for 3 years with no look backs).

An additional perk is that we will complete your property appraisal upfront, locking in the value of your home (for up to 3 years) and eliminating the possibility of any unexpected and unwanted surprises, like having to come up with additional funds at closing time. We also offer the ability to leverage the appreciated value of your property upon closing if this is something you elect to do. This means that if your home has appreciated in value since the original purchase, we have the ability to lend on the appreciated value vs. the purchase price.

At BMO, we are very competitive on rate and in various client segments such as: New to Canada, Canadian Defense Community, Short Term Rental space and Highly Affluent Client segment, we have programs specifically designed to help you qualify and achieve home ownership.

Connect with Activa and BMO for your homebuying journey

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