1. What is a Designer Home by Activa?

Activa’s Designer Homes are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a new construction home but want to move sooner than later. With a pre-designed home, you can take the tough decisions out of your home building experience! These homes are complete with features and finishes selected by our expert Design Studio team. The result is a home that is both stunning, functional, and ready for your timeline!


2. How soon can I move in to a Designer Home?

Depending on your timeline, Activa offers three options:

Move-In-Ready: Lock in your financing with a firm mortgage approval and start packing! A move-in ready home will close for you in as little as a month. Enjoy your dream home with almost no wait!

Quick-Closing: A quick closing home will be ready for you in and around three months. Enjoy a convenient window of time that allows for a little extra planning before closing.

Quick-Delivery: Like the idea of a Designer Home but need more time? A quick delivery home will be available for you in approximately six months. Take advantage of this time by selling your property, preparing your closing costs, and packing for moving day.


3. Why choose a Designer Home over traditional construction?

Activa homeowners choose Designer Homes for a variety of reasons! Whether you’re moving from out of town, want to sell your current property sooner than later, or want to reap the benefits of a home with pre-selected features and finishes, a Designer Home by Activa is an excellent option. As a bonus, you will have the opportunity to tour the home before purchasing, so you can picture how your living room, kitchen and bedrooms will look!


4. Can I customize a Designer Home?

Designer Homes come with pre-selected features and finishes so you are not able to customize. To learn more about the features & finishes selected for each home, visit the respective home on our website (found within our Designer Homes page) or contact a Sales Representative.


5. What benefits come with a Move-In-Ready home?

A Move-In-Ready home allows buyers to lock in financing with a firm mortgage approval and move in within a month. It’s an excellent option for those who want to expedite the homebuying process and start enjoying their dream home with minimal wait.


6. What if I need more time before moving in?

If you like the concept of a Designer Home but require more time, the Quick-Closing or Quick-Delivery options provides a home ready in approximately three to six months. This extended timeframe allows for activities such as selling a current property, preparing closing costs, and packing for the move.


7. Are Designer Homes suitable for those relocating from out of town?

Yes, Designer Homes are an excellent choice for individuals moving from out of town. The pre-designed features and finishes, make it a convenient option for those who may not be physically present during the construction process.


8. Can I tour Designer Homes before purchasing, and are they model homes?

If you are purchasing a Move-In-Ready home, you can book an appointment with our Sales Representatives to tour the Designer Home before making a purchase decision. Unlike model homes, these are finished new construction homes, allowing you to experience the actual living spaces and envision how your home will look and feel. This unique feature provides a tangible understanding of the home’s layout and design before committing to the purchase.


9. Is financing available for Designer Homes, and how does it work?

Activa’s Mortgage Partner Program is a great resource for those buying a home with Activa. To learn more about our Mortgage Partner Program, click here.


10. How is the price determined for Designer Homes, and are there any hidden fees?

The price for Designer Homes is set based on the cost of the home. Once you decide to purchase the home, the price remains fixed, and there are no hidden fees. This ensures a straightforward and predictable home-buying process without unexpected costs.


11. Is there warranty on a Designer Home?

The Activa experience remains the same; if you are purchasing a home with us, you will receive a comprehensive warranty program regulated by our proud partner, Tarion. This includes a 1 Year Workmanship Warranty, a 2 Year Mechanical Warranty, and a 7 Year Structural Warranty.


12. Is my Designer Home energy-efficient?

All Activa homes are built to either ENERGY STAR or Net Zero Ready standards. Speak with a Sales Representative to learn more.


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