At Activa, we are committed to making a positive difference not only in our community but also in the lives of our employees. That’s why we’ve established a Green Team, a group of passionate employees leading initiatives that encourage sustainable practices both within and outside our organization. Continue reading to learn more about our employee initiatives that help make Activa a little more GREEN.

Partnership with Sustainable Waterloo Region

Back in 2022, we formed a partnership with Sustainable Waterloo Region, a social enterprise non-profit that helping local businesses, and the Region as a whole, become more environmentally and economically sustainable. While we, at Activa, have taken strides to be a leader in sustainable building, this partnership has allowed us to look inside our organization at where we can better our practices to be more green and protect against climate change.

Our focus has started with operational sustainability within our Office, including but not limited to, recycling and garbage/food disposal, energy use (lighting, etc.), technology and technology disposal, office materials, and employee education and engagement on sustainability/environmentally friendly initiatives. Check out some of the initiatives our Green Team has done so far! 

EARTH DAY Garbage Cleanup

One of our recent initiatives involved volunteering to clean up garbage around our sites. Our employees came together to remove litter and actively contribute to the beauty and health of the communities we build in.

Corporate Print Challenge

To minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve taken on a print challenge at our Office and Design Studio. This challenge encourages employees to limit the amount of paper they print and embrace digital alternatives instead. By fostering a paperless culture, we are saving trees and reducing the energy and resources used in paper production.

The Power of Reusables with Mugs

Another small but impactful change we’ve adopted is encouraging the use of reusable mugs instead of disposable cups. By encouraging employees to bring their own mug or use an Activa mug in the office, and removing all disposable cups, we aim to reduce single-use paper cups and promote a culture of sustainability throughout the workplace.


Educating and Inspiring Our Employees

To keep our team informed and inspired, we hosted an employee Lunch & Learn session focused on sustainability. During this event, we shared the importance of contributing to Waterloo Region’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. By sharing knowledge and resources, we aim to empower our employees to make sustainable choices in their personal and professional lives.

Our Green Team is just getting started! As we continue to evolve and grow, we continue to look at ways to expand our sustainability initiatives and make a positive impact. By working together, we can create a greener, healthier future for our community and the world.