Did you know that almost all Activa homes are ENERGY STAR® certified? It’s true – but we are now offering homeowners even more options to take energy efficiency to the next level.

At Activa, Net Zero Ready comes standard in all single detached homes so that your home is optimized to generate as much energy as an average family consumes annually. To take energy efficiency to the next level, you can upgrade your home to Net Zero with built-in and ready-to-use solar panels installed on the rooftop. This renewable energy source provides low-carbon, sustainable energy by generating electricity from the sun, saving you money over time. 

When considering upgrading your new home to Net Zero, you should understand the differences between ENERGY STAR® certified, a Net Zero Ready home and a Net Zero home. This will help you make an informed decision on what’s best for you and your family. Learn more as we outline the differences and highlight the benefits of each to make searching for your dream home that much easier!

Activa Net Zero Ready

ENERGY STAR® Certified home

We are proud to share that almost all Activa homes are ENERGY STAR® certified. These homes are designed to be as much as 20% more energy-efficient than those built to Ontario’s minimum building code requirements. They feature energy-saving measures, such as insulation upgrades, higher-performance windows, better draft proofing and more efficient heating, hot water and air conditioning systems, for increased savings and comfort. Overall, these homes are healthier and more eco-friendly than a home built to code.


Activa Net Zero Ready

Net Zero Ready home VS. Net Zero home

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association has developed a Net Zero Home Labelling Program to help homebuyers understand and spot the difference between a CHBA-Qualified Net Zero Ready home builder and a CHBA Qualified Net Zero home builder. At Activa, we offer Net Zero Ready as standard and Net Zero as an upgrade in all single detached homes, and we are here to help you understand the difference!

CHBA Qualified Net Zero Ready home:

  • A Net Zero Ready home is built and designed to be ultra-efficient, with the goal of being a Net Zero energy home in the future. All it needs post-closing is energy-producing technology (like solar panels) to be installed!

CHBA Qualified Net Zero home:    

  • A Net Zero home is designed, modelled and constructed to produce as much energy (from on-site renewable energy sources) as it consumes on an annual basis. These homes do not require any additional technology to be installed.

Net Zero Comparison Chart

Pro Tip: Net Zero Ready homes are up to 80% more energy-efficient than a standard home built to minimum building code requirements, while Net Zero homes are 100% more energy efficient!

Activa Net Zero Ready

Activa is proud to offer Net Zero Ready and Net Zero homes in the Waterloo Region!

We are proud to look to the future of homebuilding by prioritizing your family’s comfort and health with Net Zero Ready and Net Zero home options!

How do we build Net Zero Ready and Net Zero homes?

Net Zero Ready and Net Zero homes are built with additional technology to be even more efficient than our ENERGY STAR® certified homes, providing you with added benefits and comfort. Here are some of the added features:

  • Triple glazed windows for extra peace and quiet, and more consistent temperatures inside the home during the summer and winter months.*
  • Tighter construction of the home for less air loss and better air quality throughout the home.
  • Drain water heat recovery system to reduce your tankless water heater’s energy consumption by up to 25%, lowering your bills and keeping your showers hot.
  • ERV for humidity and moisture control, and a dual-fuel furnace and air source heat pump for maximizing year-round comfort.
  • A dual fuel furnace system pairs an air source heat pump with a gas furnace and alternates between the two fuel sources for maximum comfort. In the warmer months, the air source heat pump works by transferring heat from inside your home and transfers it outside. In the cooler months, it reverses the process and extracts heat from the outside air and transfers that into your home.
  • Improved insulation in the ceiling and exterior walls, plus 10” thick basement walls and 2” R-10 insulation under the slab of your home, which means a more comfortable basement extending your living space downstairs.
  • Net Zero UPGRADE: Solar panels on the roof so your home can produce energy by harnessing renewable power from the sun!


Activa Bonus: We use AeroBarrier Technology!

AeroBarrier is the most advanced air sealing technology used in homes today, and we are proud to include this in our Net Zero Ready homes. AeroBarrier is a self-guided sealing system that seals holes not visible to the human eye. Air sealing will be applied pre- or post-drywall and will adhere to various building materials including drywall, lumber and metal. This allows us to exceed the most stringent air sealing requirements for a more comfortable home throughout the year!

Activa Net Zero Ready

Is a Net Zero home right for me?

While these high-performance homes may seem incredibly techy, there is no change in lifestyle required to own one! In fact, by reducing the consumption of energy to heat and cool the home, as well as heat the water used, your energy can be used to power your lifestyle. Think family movie nights using your surround-sound entertainment center, your kitchen gadgets that make for easy entertaining, and all your home office devices.


Download our Net Zero Ready brochure to learn more!

Download our ENERGY STAR® brochure to learn more!

*Triple-glazed windows may be included within our ENERGY STAR certified homes, see a Sales Representative for more information.