Build for the Future

Almost all of our Activa homes are already ENERGY STAR® certified, but you can build for the future with our Net Zero Ready upgrade package.

Net Zero Ready homes are optimized so that the home is capable of generating as much energy as an average family consumes – all it needs post-closing is energy-producing technology like solar panels to be installed! In the meantime, though, a Net Zero Ready home is built 50-60% better than building code, which is good for the planet and even better for your family.

Net Zero Ready homes prioritize your family’s comfort and health with plenty of benefits for everyone:

Activa Net Zero Ready

So, what’s the difference?

Activa Net Zero Ready

Building with Activa?

Net Zero Ready packages are now available in our Trussler West and Vista Hills communities. Download our Net Zero Ready brochure to learn more!

Net Zero Ready Home