But green practices can extend to your home, too. You’re likely familiar with the blue and white symbol that can be found on everything from windows to appliances, from the smallest light bulbs and now to the homes we’re able to offer you. You’ll know it when you see it – ENERGY STAR® is a symbol of energy efficiency worldwide.

At Activa, we participate in the ENERGY STAR® program so that our homes exceed strict energy efficiency standards on top of the existing building standards (making a home that’s 20% more efficient!). We choose to build ENERGY STAR® certified homes because they are healthier, more comfortable, environmentally-friendly and cost less for our homeowners to heat and cool – it’s a win-win for everyone!

Read on to learn how an ENERGY STAR® certified home can improve your quality of life.

ENERGY STAR saving money

The dollars and cents

It’s no surprise that monthly bills are the second highest cost of home-ownership, after the mortgage. Having an Activa home that is ENERGY STAR® certified will help you save hundreds of dollars per year in utility costs, so you can put that cash towards what you want (like that vacation you’ve been needing).

Research shows that having a home with energy-efficient features helps resale value! In fact, over 80% of buyers consider it a want or must-have feature in their new home – and that number continues to grow. For you, all of our ENERGY STAR® features are built-in to our standards, providing added value without extra upgrades.


A cozy home

In addition to basking in the comfort of saving money, you’ll also be able to enjoy the comfort associated with ENERGY STAR® certified homes. These homes are better air-sealed than a typical new home, which reduces drafts and cold spots, as well as dust, pollen and pests. The windows and higher insulation levels will help create more balanced temperatures for you and your family to enjoy.


Helping your home (planet)

Your decreased energy and water bills aren’t the only green you’ll be saving. ENERGY STAR® homes save over 1,000 kilograms of gas emissions per year than homes built just to code, saving you enough energy to watch 17 seasons of hockey on TV or run a refrigerator for 10 years! All of this means that your home is reducing your carbon footprint, which is a win for you and a win for the planet.

ENERGY STAR® and Activa

In our Vista HillsOrmstonDoon SouthHuron Village, and Riverwood  communities, all new single detached homes are ENERGY STAR® certified. These homes have features such as tankless water heaters, energy-efficient windows, above-grade exterior walls, and more.

While some of our current attached homes are not ENERGY STAR® certified, we do feature energy-efficient products in many of our homes. For example, Reflections at Laurelwood and Trailside at Grey Silo Gate units include ENERGY STAR® certified appliances! We’re also excited to qualify for ENERGY STAR® certification on our new attached home sites, coming in 2020!

Want to Learn More?

Check out our video to learn more about how –and why- we build ENERGY STAR® homes!

If you have questions about our energy-saving features in any of our communities, you can reach out to one of our Sales Representatives.


For more information about ENERGY STAR® in general, visit National Resources Canada.