Looking for the perfect spot for your next meal? Today on ActivaLearn we invite local vegan connoisseur, Plantiful KW, to share their favourite plant-based options across the KWC Region. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or are just looking to try something new, continue reading to discover ten restaurants to enjoy in the area!

Plantiful KW

The Breakfast Griller | Buffalo Fried Chick’n Sandwich with Side Caesar Salad | Vegan Spicy P Nut Pizza and Cheezy Garlic Bread

1. Café Pyrus

Café Pyrus is a Downtown Kitchener staple with a vegetarian menu that allows for all items to be made vegan. They are dedicated to using fair and sustainably sourced ingredients and locally grown, organic produce. They even use sustainable and reusable packaging for an eco-friendly experience!

Recommendations: The $5 Breakfast Griller, The Big Bang and The Angry Vegan.

2. Jane Bond

If you love craft beer, this is the perfect spot for you! Jane Bond is the OG vegetarian restaurant on the block with an incredible selection of eclectic food in Uptown Waterloo.

Recommendations: Chick’n Caesar Wrap or Fried Chick’n Sandwich.

3. Rustic Slice

Enjoy specialty pizzas and salads made with natural whole ingredients that are deliciously hand-crafted. Rustic Slice is a locally owned pizza joint with both classic and creative vegan options to try!

Recommendations: Beyond BBQ Vegan Pizza, Spicy P Nut (made vegan).

Plantiful KW

Tofu Lettuce Wraps and Edamame | The Dog Days of Summer | Vegan Pumpkin Pie

4. Grand Surf Lounge

The Grand Surf Lounge is a tiki bar in Kitchener that aims to offer an escape from the ordinary. Known as one of the best cocktail spots in town, Grand Surf has a creative menu with loads of vegan options. The flavours will not disappoint!

Recommendations: Lettuce Wraps, Tofu Steam Buns.

5. Beertown Public House

Beertown has a massive selection of rotational craft beers and a fully plant-based menu. This is a perfect date night spot for omnivores and vegans alike!

Recommendations: Plant-based Faux Tacos.

6. CE Food Experience & The Bakery

Enjoy quality food that is always made from scratch. CE Food Experience has a wide selection of vegan and gluten-free baked goods, bread, pies and cakes.

Recommendations: Any of the vegan loaves of bread, Vegan Pot Pie, Vegan Cinnamon Buns!

Plantiful KW

Coconut Ice Cream | Vegan Waffles with Bananas and Blueberries | Vegan Chimichanga Platter & Fiesta Fries

7. No Udder

No Udder is Downtown Cambridge’s plant-based ice cream shop offering vegan, non-dairy ice cream and frozen desserts that everyone can enjoy!

Recommendations: Custom ice cream cake for special occasions.

8. Mel’s Diner

Established in 1995, Mel’s Diner is an icon in the Kitchener Waterloo community. Enjoy that classic diner feel with an extensive vegan-friendly breakfast, lunch and dinner menu right in Waterloo.

Recommendations: Vegan Pancakes, Waffles or Burrito.

9. The Guanaquita Restaurant

The Guanaquita Restaurant is a hidden El Salvadorian restaurant in downtown Kitchener. This family-owned restaurant brings Salvadorean home-style cooking that is always fresh. What’s even better is most items on their menu can be made vegan!

Recommendations: Vegan Chimichanga Platter, Vegan Fajitas, Vegan Nachos.

10. Muya Restaurant

Muya Restaurant is a small restaurant in Kitchener offering traditional Injera flatbread that can be paired with incredible vegan side dishes.

Recommendations: Muya Vegan Pick 5 Combo so you can decide on your favourites for yourself!

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