When my husband, Ryan, and I decided to build a home, we knew we wanted to create a space that fit our lives. Our first home gave us an opportunity to get into the real estate market – we started to learn what aspects of a home worked well for us and what did not. New build construction allowed us to start fresh, it was a clean slate to incorporate features we liked and elements we dreamed of.

The design process was exciting; the possibilities were endless! As appealing as the model homes and the design studio were, it was important that our space was the right size for our family. Ryan and I wanted to ensure the home was large enough to accommodate our family (an unknown tiny miracle was coming at the time!), but not too much space that rooms would go unused.

Since we love to entertain, our main floor is open concept with high ceilings, allowing our guests to interact with us without the space feeling small and cramped. The kitchen is truly the hub of our home, the kitchen island was increased to add storage and prep space, in addition to our walk-in pantry. Since we spend so much time in this area of our home, we took the extra time during the design process to ensure the functionality and size accommodated our needs.

When we were designing our home, we decided that 3 bedrooms with a bonus living area on the second level was more beneficial to our lifestyle. The living area upstairs has a designated office space, which allows Ryan and I to have separate working areas on days where we both work from home.

The bonus space also accommodates our son’s playroom; it is a bright welcoming area for him to play and to house his growing collection of toys! The built-in cabinets keep the room clean and organized, which is a goal for all parents I am sure!

Our first home was 1960s construction with a classic design that offered very limited storage in the bedrooms and little focus on treating the master bedroom as a retreat. In our new home, our master bedroom was designed as an adult space to retire to at the end of a long day. It is a space we enjoy and look forward to using on a daily basis. The large walk-in shower was always a dream of ours and the closet allows us to properly organize our clothing. Storage was definitely key in trying to achieve a well organized home!

Each area of our home was closely reviewed during the design process to make sure the spaces we were creating aligned to our needs and lifestyle. We made sure to focus on usable and functional space, as utilizing each room helped our home feel warm and welcoming. It also helped us stay within our budget during the planning process! Although budgets may not always be the most exciting thing to think about, rightsizing really helped our family focus on the areas of our home that were the most important… you know, the dreaded ‘need’ verses ‘want’ thing!

As many young families, we are very busy with many obligations and events we need to juggle. Having a home that we fully utilize made sure we weren’t spending the limited free time we have cleaning rooms we hadn’t entered in days or weeks!

The space we created for our family fits our lifestyle so well, we spend time creating memories with our son in a home that is truly a reflection of us!