Fall is the season for warm drinks, cozy scarves and spending time with family. It’s also the season that marks the beginning of hibernation for many of us: the season we start spending more time inside our homes.

Fall 2018 is now upon is, and with it comes new décor trends. This season is marked by creating cozy spaces that speak to homeowners’ personalities. In fact, it’s largely influenced by the concept of Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah‘), which is a design concept that has been growing in popularity over the last few years.

What is ‘Hygge’?

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that describes a feeling of contentedness that comes from, basically, being cozy and comfortable.

We’re in.

A stark contrast from former trends of all-white design, and the minimalist craze of years past, Hygge is all about simple pleasures, being warm and cozy, and being happy (all our favourite things about fall).

So without further ado, here’s the comfy and cozy trends for the season…

Trend #2: Velvet

No longer a statement of years long gone, velvet is back and better than ever. This rich, cozy fabric feels luxurious and is easy to work into existing décor. Start with a plush accent chair to warm up your new favourite reading spot, or find a classy ottoman (bonus points if it has storage built in!)

From couches to quilts, this fabric seamlessly mixes with other trends of the season. Think dark-toned curtains or brass-studded headboards. Even incorporating a (still-popular) blush pink throw pillow can make your space cozy and classy.


Trend #3: Woven Textures

This fall is all about texture, and woven textures are having their well-deserved moment. Think baskets full of throw blankets, warm wall hangings, and unique accent pieces. Natural colour schemes work to create warmth in a room, and look stunning in any space in your home.

Ideally, this trend marks the perfect intersection of fashion and function, so take advantage and use it as an opportunity to get organized!

Trend #4: Brass

We’re not saying that you should immediately get rid of any chrome or nickel features in your house – but brass is making a comeback and mixing metals is bigger than ever!

The golden tones of brass are as opulent as they are warm, and tying in a few feature pieces can make your home Insta-worthy (without feeling too formal). Easily incorporate a floor lamp, or if you are loving this trend as much as we are, try out a brass side table! You also might want to consider checking out our new brass fixtures in the Design Studio.

Trend #5: Colourful Rugs

This season is all about area rugs that say you. Bold colours and funky patterns will personalize your space and show off your design prowess. Bonus feature is that they hide spills way better than an all-white rug. Low-pile rugs will also clean easily, so they can be used even in your dining room!

Design tip? Use an area rug in a large and open room to create a separate space, and don’t be afraid to mix patterns in the accessories! Fun area rugs are also a great way that you can add a splash of colour in a smaller living space.

Looking for the perfect throw blanket for snuggling up under? One that’s not too heavy, and not too light? A quilted blanket may be just the right piece. Whether it’s a hand-made heirloom or a modern print, there’s a quilt for every design aesthetic. This is the perfect piece to buck the all-white bedroom trend and make your space the retreat you need for the upcoming Ontario chill (and keeping the warmth as long as possible!).

Trend #6: (Low-maintenance) Houseplants

Nothing embraces the idea of a comforting home like a houseplant… unless of course, you don’t exactly have a green thumb. Either way, a fresh and green element can make a house feel like home. Not only do they look pretty, they can actually help reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being!

Our favourite low-maintenance houseplants to ask your local nursery about: philodendrons, succulents, aloe, wax plants and English ivy (just make sure they’re safe for any furry housemates you have!)

Still don’t feel confident? We won’t tell if you use a fake plant.

Grab Some Tea & Get Cozy

So that’s it. Bring some texture, some colour and some plants into your home and you’ll have the trendy space to get cozy in all season.

Looking for a new home to get cozy in? Check out our available singles, towns and condos here, and visit our Design Studio to get inspired and see all the stunning products that Activa has to offer!