The first few months of the year can cause many of us to feel a little stir-crazy – the weather is traditionally cold and wet, forcing us to spend more time inside!

Having a dedicated indoor space for the tiny humans in our lives to explore, create and use their imagination is ideal during this time of the year. Our second floor family room was designed for our son’s play area, where all his toys live and he can explore new ideas. The area is bright and inviting with a neutral white and gray palette, large windows and bright accent colours to encourage creativity and development.

Toys and books come in all shapes and sizes, making a variety of storage options critical for a well-organized area…or, as organized as a playroom can be! Our custom built-ins have a combination of cabinets, drawers and open shelving. The drawers are a great tool to teach our son how to access his toys and put them away, encouraging independence. He can reach the bottom bank of drawers easily and the soft close option avoids the drawers shutting on his little fingers. Open shelving provides the ability to display books and toys. It is both visually appealing and functional, as many of the items on the shelves are ones we encourage him to play with. Baskets are a great addition to open shelving, as they allow for additional storage but can also create clean lines for a more uniform look.



The playroom has a variety of stations that our son can explore on his own, whether that means playing hockey or reading books at his little self-serve library. Having a variety of stations at his level helps to keep him interested on those long winter days!

As much as I prefer a neutral, minimalist palette, a playroom is an area where colour is both appropriate and beneficial. We kept the basic components of the room white, specifically the walls and built-in cabinetry, allowing the room to have the ability to change and adapt depending on our son’s age. He is turning two this summer, and the bright-coloured accent pieces are an opportunity to learn and develop, which is appropriate for his age. As our son continues to grow, the space will change into a more mature area to relax and spend time in, providing our family a true flex space in our home. Designed as an inviting, bright and creative space, the playroom has already provided our family a lifetime of amazing memories!