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Meet Shawn – one of our Mortgage Specialists from TD!

Welcome to our Activa Mortgage Partner series! Every week, we’ll be revealing key insights from one of our seven mortgage partners.

At Activa, we understand that navigating the homebuying process can be challenging. That’s why we have developed a Mortgage Partner Program, with seven of the top banks and credit unions, designed to make your experience smoother and stress-free.

Let’s hear from one of our Mortgage Specialist’s, Shawn McDaid from TD!

Why is now a good time to buy a new home?

With interest rates expected to fall over the next few years and the slowdown in market activity in the short term due to higher interest rates – now is a great time to buy.  Less competition is always a good thing from a purchasing perspective.  We have experienced a good amount of volatility in the past two years with the higher interest rates and it is important to consider that a home is a long-term stable investment.

Why work with an Activa Mortgage Partner?

There are a few advantages of working with me directly as an Activa Mortgage Partner.  Firstly, you can be assured that you are working with a long tenured Mortgage Specialist with over 15 years of experience in the field.  Giving the right advice is paramount to a comfortable purchase transaction.  Secondly, as an Activa Mortgage Partner, I work together with your builder to ensure a smooth end-to-end experience when providing approval for mortgage financing.

Why choose TD?

TD offers a specialized Builder Capped Rate Program for Activa purchasers.  The Builder Capped Rate Program protects your interest rate for up to two years while the property is being constructed, effectively protecting you, the buyer, from interest rate increases.  TD provides a firm approval, valid for up to two years which includes an upfront appraisal free of cost.  As a buyer, you can have peace of mind that TD has fully approved the financing well in advance of closing.  Lastly, ask me about our current cash back promotion.  You may qualify for a cash incentive (subject to approval – terms and conditions apply).

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