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Jenna Anderson

CIBC Mortgage Specialist

Meet Jenna – our Mortgage Specialist from CIBC!

Welcome to our Activa Mortgage Partner series! Every week, we’ll be revealing key insights from one of our seven mortgage partners.

At Activa, we understand that navigating the homebuying process can be challenging. That’s why we have developed a Mortgage Partner Program, with seven of the top banks and credit unions, designed to make your experience smoother and stress-free.

Let’s hear from one of our Mortgage Specialists, Jenna Anderson from CIBC!

Why is now a good time to purchase a new home?

We’re currently in a market where housing prices seem to have stabilized and fluctuating bond yields have given purchasers windows of opportunity in which homes are more affordable. If mortgage rates drop, which many experts predict could happen this year, buyers sitting on the sidelines will return to the housing market, driving competition and potentially higher home prices.

Why work with an Activa Mortgage Partner?

Your dedicated CIBC Builder Mortgage Advisor only works with new construction purchasers and the builders in their community. CIBC’s partnership with Activa provides confidence that you’re getting the best advice from someone familiar with all Activa projects, programs and offers.


A CIBC Builder Mortgage Advisor is knowledgeable on the dynamic world of real estate and, along with your builder, can help guide you to understand what influences the housing market and interest rates, giving you confidence in this decision. Additionally, CIBC can complete your mortgage application when you first purchase your new home, inclusive of a rate guarantee and an appraisal. This gives you tremendous peace of mind that your financing is in place so you can enjoy the journey of owning your new home!

Purchasing a Net Zero Ready home? CIBC has an exclusive cashback offer, only available through Jenna Anderson, our dedicated Activa Mortgage Advisor.

Connect with Activa and CIBC for your homebuying journey

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