December 7, 2021


Activa receives EnerQuality Award in the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes – Large Volume Builder category!


WATERLOO, ON, December 7, 2021 – Activa, Waterloo Region’s largest and most active homebuilder, is this year’s winner of the ENERGY STAR® For New Homes – Large Volume Builder award presented by EnerQuality. These awards recognize leaders in the Ontario building industry that demonstrate the best of energy efficient and green homebuilding.

Despite unprecedented challenges in 2020, Activa achieved its personal best in building ENERGY STAR® certified homes, delivering over 300 ENERGY STAR® homes that year. These homes are designed to be as much as 20% more energy-efficient than those built to minimum building code requirements. 

Since 2018, Activa has built over 1000 ENERGY STAR® certified homes in the Waterloo Region. Activa is bringing more energy-efficient home options to homeowners in the new year as they continue to offer newly designed Net Zero Ready home options. Net Zero Ready homes are optimized so that the home is capable of generating as much energy as an average family consumes. They are also in the process of building a full Net Zero model home that will open to the public Early 2022.

“We are proud to look to the future of homebuilding by prioritizing homeowners’ comfort and health with ENERGY STAR® and Net Zero Ready home options,” says Tony Giovinazzo, Activa CEO. “We strive to be an industry leader in all that we do; building energy-efficient homes enables us to be a leader today and gives us the foundation to continue to stay ahead of the industry in the future.”

In its second year as a virtual event, over 200 building professionals joined the EQ Awards ceremony online. The event draws nominations from across the building industry, with builders, licensed professionals, and energy advisors from over a dozen Ontario HBAs represented.

The EQ Awards recognized Activa for its successes in: 

  • Building over 300 ENERGY STAR® certified homes as standard in 2020 
  • Building 74% of their low-rise production to meet ENERGY STAR® standards
  • Featuring the ENERGY STAR® logo and information on promotional materials, video, model homes, sales offices and more.


Activa builds ENERGY STAR® certified homes to create a healthier, energy-efficient, and sustainable place to live for their homeowners. These homes are healthier due to improved air-sealing, which reduces drafts, dust, pollen and noise within the home. Homes also are less expensive to heat and cool due to the high-performance energy efficiency of the homes’ mechanical systems and triple-glazed windows. As part of the ENERGY STAR certification, each home undergoes additional third-party inspections to ensure they are at least 20% more efficient than homes built to standard Building Code.

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About Activa

Activa is Waterloo Region’s largest and most active homebuilder, bringing life to communities through our home designs and neighbourhood planning. Activa proudly offers a unique customer experience journey for its homeowners to reduce the anxiety and stress that often comes with building a home and is committed to going above and beyond minimum building code practices through participation in programs like ENERGY STAR®.


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