Whether you’re moving into your dream home or are in the midst of organizing your current home, we want to help you start fresh! A walk-in closet is a valuable space you can treat like a small, additional room in your house. However, extra room comes with extra responsibility to keep the space organized and functional. With a few simple steps, anyone can organize their walk-in closet into a peaceful refuge. We sat down with Ange McNamara of Klear Inc., who shared with us five helpful tips for organizing your walk-in closet.

By Ange McNamara

1. Where to start

Know that you do not have to complete your closet re-organization in one day or even one weekend. Breaking down the organization into small goals makes completing a functional closet more achievable.

  • Take everything out of your closet and start to make piles of the items you wear the most, and ask yourself if you’d buy this item today or if it has a sentimental factor that warrants storage. This is the time to say goodbye to items you have not worn in over a year.
  • Once everything is taken out of the closet, be sure to give it a good clean! This will ensure your closet is in its best possible state before reorganizing.
  • With a mindset of minimizing, try keeping only the things you need. By giving away unnecessary items, you can transform your closet into a clutter-free space.


TIPS AND TRICKS: Now that you’ve minimized and created a pile of clothing you no longer wish to keep, you have some options! You can plan to drive and drop your clothing off at a donation centre to help reduce clutter in your home or create an “I’m going to sell” pile and bring it to a consignment and selling store. After you move everything out, consider giving the space a fresh coat of paint, such as a white or a light neutral colour, to make the space feel bigger and airier.

2. Designing your walk-in closet

Designing your walk-in closet is an essential element to help pull the space together. You must first choose a focal point in the room to work around, such as a mirror, an island, or the eye-level shelf holding select items. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Create a mood board you want to be inspired by before designing the look of your walk-in closet.
  • For those who have a smaller walk-in closet, make it look bigger by adding mirrored doors to the room – also an added benefit for when you are getting ready.
  • Lighting is crucial in your walk-in closet. It’s recommended to use warm-toned lighting from a ceiling fixture to complement the basic palette of the space.
  • If you have extra space, take advantage by adding mirrors, dressers, vanities, or an island to help with getting ready in the morning.


TIPS AND TRICKS: Adding small organizers can be an effective option if you have more clothing items that are generally folded and stored. If you have space for a small desk or vanity inside the closet, use pretty jars to store your accessories and add a stool that can be tucked under to keep the pathway clear when trying on clothes.

3. What to keep in your walk-in closet

You always want to consider two main factors when organizing your walk-in closet: the room’s style and function. Some of us may not have vast closet space to keep our seasonal clothing, and that’s ok. There are many options to consider to avoid cluttering your walk-in closet with items you won’t need at the time being.

  • Making use of a closet from another room
  • Utilize under-bed storage solutions
  • Place off-season clothes and items in designated baskets to keep shelves organized
  • Use an over-the-door rack for accessories.


TIPS AND TRICKS: With fewer possessions from the first step, you won’t need as many storage containers or shelves to hold all your things. Your walk-in closet should contain the items that you use on a daily or weekly basis.

4. Structuring your walk-in closet

You don’t have to be confined to the configuration of your closet. There are simple ways to make the most out of your space by getting creative. Matching hangers, boxes, and containers will transform your closet visually and motivate you to maintain the space. Make sure to measure the inside of your closet before investing in storage containers, boxes, shelves, rods, and accessories.

  • Divide your closet into zones with a designated category for each item. This forces your brain to quickly connect with where to find each item and where to return it.
  • Keeping your everyday basics at eye level on a rod or a rack will make them convenient and easy to find.
  • Store your non-seasonal items in boxes or bins that are tucked away on the shelves to keep things orderly.
  • If there’s extra space in your walk-in closet, don’t fill it with random items! You don’t want to clutter the space where it becomes too much to handle when maintaining organization.


TIPS AND TRICKS: Know which clothing is meant to be folded and put into a drawer and which is best to be hung on a hanger. Remember to group your clothes together based on the item. If you notice you haven’t worn an item in six months or more, put it in another spot that is tucked away to leave space for your everyday items.

5. Maintain organization

The extra space that comes with a walk-in closet is undoubtedly an advantage to organizing your wardrobe. However, if it’s not designed well, you could miss out on the benefits. A poorly planned walk-in closet can lead to misplaced items, damaged shoes and handbags, and, most importantly, clutter on the floor and shelves. Plus, think about all the time and frustration looking for items that have become lost in a corner. Treat your walk-in closet like your personal getaway in your home – a place where you can relax and enjoy getting ready for the day.

  • Create a boutique feel to embrace the space fully! When you love the look of your closet, you’ll be more likely to maintain its organization.
  • Choose a closet system and stick to one! Use all available space but ensure to keep your items tidy and in the same place to maintain organization.
  • Keep a hamper in your closet to put your dirty clothes in. This will help make laundry day more manageable and avoid creating a mess on the floor in your closet.
  • Efficiently store shoes that you don’t wear every day or are not in season in cubbies or boxes! Keep your everyday shoes visible to easily access them.


TIPS AND TRICKS: The best thing we can do to make sure we are keeping our closet organized is only to keep everyday basics at eye level and tuck away non-seasonal items. Try your best to maintain a system of healthy habits to help keep everything neat and tidy.

Organizing a walk-in closet in your new home Activa home!

Moving into your new home is an exciting endeavour, and setting up your new walk-in closet from day one is essential!

  • First, the same rule applies to purging unwanted items (us step one from this article).
  • Take a moment to look at the layout of your closet and see what storage containers, shoe racks, shelves, and hanging compartments will fit best by taking measurements.
  • After determining what is best for you so that the entire space is functional, begin grouping things together; that way, there’s no question about where to find those items when you need them.
  • The golden rule is always to store items you use and wear the most infrequently.
  • Design your new closet with a little pattern or texture by adding a rug or chandelier to give it a boutique feel!


TIPS AND TRICKS: Invest in velvet hangers! These hangers help keep strange wrinkles away and create a streamlined look in your closet. Have a few extra hangers on hand for newly purchased items that have just returned from the dry cleaner.

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