Looking to revamp your style in 2021 with trending home designs? Look no further, our expert Design Studio team is here to give you an exclusive update on what’s hot, hip and trendy in the interior design space this year. Our team is sharing some new and emerging trends we haven’t seen before – get inspired by our top five design trends of 2021!

grandmillennial style

1. Grandmillennial Style

The “Grandmillenial” style will be making a breakthrough this year. This is a millennial take on “grandma’s house” and will feature lots of colours, wallpaper, antique artwork, patterned dishware, crocheted throws and chunky knit textures, creating a “whimsical” lived-in style. This trend will bring back feelings of comfort and tradition. It’s a very nostalgic style, emerging from the unusual year we had in 2020!

Incorporating chunky textures throughout your home is easy with a little DIY inspo! Try learning a new craft by knitting or crocheting your own throw pillow covers, or take a chance with finger knitting to create your very own chunky blanket.


vintage interiors

2. Vintage Interiors

Building on the grandmillennial style is a renewed love for all things vintage. If you are looking to make a positive eco-friendly change, upcycling furnishings is a great place to start! Keep items from going to the landfill by repurposing timeless pieces with your own flair and style. You can paint an old dresser or coffee table or have an antique piece refinished – the quality of vintage pieces compared to off-shore furniture doesn’t compare! Check out Whimsical Furnishings, Bits & Pieces Furniture, or The Millionaire’s Daughter to shop local vintage.

Take this style even further with DIY wall art. Keep an eye out for vintage posters, artwork or photographs from old books that can be framed and hung as wall art to go along with your vintage décor. You can find these items at St. Jacobs Farmers Market, or maybe even in an old book at your grandparent’s house!


global décor

3. Global Décor  

Globally influenced interiors will be popular this year. With travel restrictions you may be yearning to get away, so why not bring vacation-inspired elements into your home décor? This trend is inspired by warmer, earthier tones and colour palettes that are influenced by tropical and desert-like climates.

From this trend, we will see a shift from neutral cool greys that we have seen for the past five years, to tones such as soft whites, calming teal, earthy clay and soothing greige. Find inspiration in comforting, sunbaked hues from the Colour Trends 2021 palette by Benjamin Moore. Add further warmth with natural textures such as wood, rattan, and woven furniture and accessories – you’ll be enjoying a staycation in no time!


soft curves

4. Soft Curves

This year is all about making your home a happy and calming space for you and your family. That is why it’s no surprise to see elements that promote balance and wellness incorporated into interior design. Anything from feature walls, to tiles, lighting and furniture will see its shapes soften with curves. Inspired by Feng Shui principles, curves and soft edges will balance out the flow of your home, creating positive energy.

Find inspiration with curved sofas and round coffee tables. Carry this theme throughout your home with circular or fish scale tiles in your kitchen and bathrooms. Adding in small elements with a soft edge throughout your home will help balance your space!


built-in cabinetry

5. Built-In Cabinetry and Modular Furniture 

Because we are now spending a lot more time at home, more storage space is a must! Built-in cabinetry, closed storage units and shelving allow us to hide items such as yoga mats, weights, textbooks, work documents and whatever else you are now keeping at home. Did you know Ikea has a section on their website dedicated to this trend? For all those who live by the phrase “a place for everything and everything in its place,” you will find all your organizational dreams come true here!

With homes now being used as multi-purpose spaces for work, school and even home gyms, modular furniture will be at the top of homeowners lists this year! Modular furniture offers a high degree of flexibility – allowing you to change things up whenever you please. Check out Structube for a wide selection of furniture that can adapt and transform as you go about your day, including tables with lift-tops and hidden storage! You can also find modular sofas and sectionals designed to be reconfigured, rearranged and moved around at Schreiter’s!



What’s your favourite up-and-coming style for 2021?

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