2018 featured a variety of interior design trends like glam brass accents and velvet furniture, nature-inspired living with woven textures and houseplants, and cozy pieces meant for snuggling up and being comfortable. It also said goodbye to cacti everything, chevron patterns, and white-on-white room design. So, what’s next in 2019? To ring in the start of the year, our Design Studio is celebrating these interior design trends.

1. Colour of the Year: Go Green

Trending colours for 2019 include nods to the outdoors, like variations of this deep moody green that PPG Paints calls “Night Watch Green” (and named the 2019 colour of the year!). Over the next few months, green will make its way into our cabinetry selection at the Design Studio; use it as a base colour to ‘pop’ a kitchen island or on lower cabinets with bright white uppers! This trend is brought out by an ever-growing focus on sustainability, and an effort to bring the calmness and serenity in nature into our homes. Think a full wall (or room) in this colour is too much for you? Highlight the richness of the colour in accents like lush throw pillows, statement-furniture or smaller pieces!

2. The Resurgence of Warmth

Speaking of bringing the outdoors in, our Design Consultants predict that colours throughout the house will trend towards warmer, sunny hues like beige and brown in 2019. Over the past few years, grey neutrals have slowly moved towards the warmer side of the colour scale; creating the popular term “greige”. This trend is continuing to “heat up” and we see even warmer tones coming in for 2019.

3. Mixed Metals

Though stainless steel and chrome remain popular options, we are seeing a shift towards new metals in our homes’ hardware, lighting and furniture at the Design Studio. Here to stay: the trend towards gold tones in hardware and plumbing fixtures! Our Design Consultants often get asked, “how do I match my appliances, lighting and door handles without using stainless steel?” The answer: you don’t have to; 2019 is showing a trend towards mixed metal combinations. Think stainless steel appliances meets Champagne Bronze faucet!

For those who prefer a more striking look, Matte Black provides a great contrast and is also a continuing trend showing no signs of slowing down. It also complements stainless, chrome and gold tones!

4. Dark and Moody Kitchens

Even if Night Watch Green isn’t for you, it may be worth considering a bolder, darker cabinet for your Kitchen.  This year, we anticipate a trend towards dark cabinets, whether that be an updated classic look with Provincial Blue, or modern with a high gloss black (warmed up with wood elements!)  2019’s kitchens will feature clean lines and uncluttered counters – meaning counter-depth fridges and built-in appliances will continue to gain popularity, complementing a streamlined look in the kitchen.

Tip: Love this design aesthetic? Check out our contemporary home elevations! 

5. Patterns and Texture

Though clean lines will dominate the kitchen, 2019 doesn’t leave out the option to add a little pattern to your home.  Patterned tiles, as well new textures and installation patterns, continue to make headway, bringing much-needed texture into the home.  Tired of the same subway tile look?  Try it in a Herringbone pattern to give your home new life in 2019 – or if you’re feeling adventurous, try a new shape tile shape on your backsplash, such as hexagon.  Above are some of the options from our Design Studio!

Want to See More?

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