Do you struggle to determine what’s a trend and what’s a look that’ll stay chic forever? Well, look no further! Our new Design Studio Manager, Kim Luong, is here to introduce her favourite Interior Design Trends that will look timeless and stylish for years to come.

We’ve talked about our favourite design trends of 2020 before on ActivaLearn, but here we are, over halfway into an (interesting, to say the least) year, and many of us are still looking for home makeover inspiration. Keep reading to get inspired by Kim’s top picks!

1. a timeless pop of colour

Blue is everywhere! And with Pantone announcing Classic Blue as its Colour of the Year for 2020, we can definitely see this timeless shade sticking around for quite a bit longer. A reflective and nostalgic shade, this soothing hue exudes calm and is a truly stunning colour to look at.

KIM’S TIP: I love that you can incorporate this enriching shade into your home in so many ways, but if you do not want to go overboard, there are different ways to do so. In the living room, you can give the space a dramatic refresh by incorporating an attractive blue sofa, or armchair – or for more subtly, accent with blue throw pillows. You can also add a statement to your home with a blue backsplash in the kitchen or a subtle movement of blue through your countertop.

2. the continued rise of everything bold, dark, and dramatic

While most people prefer to choose a neutral paint color throughout their home, the trend of picking a dramatic color allows personality and style to shine through. Common areas to experiment with a bold, dark and dramatic look can include a defined space, like a dining room, or as accents on a specific wall you want to stand out, with lighting, bathroom tile, plumbing fixtures or cabinet hardware.

3. going for gold

Gold evokes the feeling of warmth and sophistication, and is known for its versatility when pairing with other colours. Champagne or brushed gold hardware, accessories and fixtures have defied trend experts by continuing to be one of the top design finishes over the past several years. I can see gold being used throughout the home for many more years!

4. modern farmhouse 

Modern farmhouse design has grown a lot since the days of rustic country charm. Today, it has evolved to be a blend of classic comfort and modern flair, emphasizing refined natural finishes such as wood, stone and a neutral palette. The farmhouse look can often be found in all types of homes, even in the subtlest of ways: from the house in the suburbs to country cottages and even taking over the well-known industrial design in condo living.

5. mixed metals

Can’t decide between that black faucet and nickel light fixture? Try them both! Mixing metals is a trend that’s on the rise and the results can be stunning and versatile. Think of it as the in-home version of wearing a brown belt with black shoes – it’s breaking the norm to be stylish and show off your own personality.

KIM’S TIP: It is best to stick to one dominant metal with one or two accent metals. If you opt for three different metals, you should distribute them evenly, especially the accent pieces! You can also use different finishes to add variety, such as a lighter silver with a more rustic, tarnished one, or select pieces with different textures like natural vs. glossy.

6. the smarter ways to future-proof

Designing your home to be the perfect space for your family goes beyond the decor, colours, and finishes of the home. Think beyond the “pretty” to what science is happening within your walls and how you can future-proof your home for better living in the years to come.

Environmentally-friendly energy efficiency options and technologies have become more affordable, making ENERGY STAR® certified homes much more attainable. An ENERGY STAR certified home is highly efficient. Areas such as doors, windows, the attic, the foundation, and the exterior walls, are properly sealed with a high R-value and low air leakage through cracks & gaps. This ensures the home uses every unit of energy to its maximum potential. Home features like low-flow toilets, tankless water heaters, and triple paned windows will allow for higher quality of living.

Another way to future-proof is to consider what needs you might have in the years to come. Homes that have adaptable living spaces can accommodate changes in lifestyles, meet the demands of multi-generational occupants, and adapt for aging in place. Smart home technology can also be added to make your home more accessible, including smart blinds, locks, thermostats, garage door openers and more. Many of these products can be built into your new home, through selection at Activa’s Design Studio.

what’s your favourite long-term trend?

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