Moving day is just around the corner and it can all start to seem very overwhelming. We want you to be excited about the process instead of stressing about the move itself. One of the best and easiest ways to have peace of mind during moving preparations is to make a personalized Moving Checklist. A Moving Checklist can help you stay organized during this very busy time and ensures that everything that needs to be done beforehand is not left to the last minute. Ange McNamara from Klear Inc. provided Activa with some great advice on what not to forget when making the perfect moving checklist.

What are things people forget about during a move?

If you have friends or family helping with the move, be sure to have food and beverages for them after everything is unloaded at the new house. Staying hydrated and fed will keep the pace of your friends and family up, to make the move as efficient as possible. Borrow or purchase coolers to pack your fridge and freezer items (don’t forget about ice or cooler packs). Most friends love to be paid in coffee / donuts the morning of the move and pizza / beer at the end of the day, so it may be helpful to remember an easily accessible bottle opener.

It’s important to ensure the home you are moving into is ready for your furniture, so plan on doing a good deep clean of your new house before you unpack most of your items. Having a few of your family members go earlier in the day to clean before the arrival of your belongings makes the move more time-efficient.

For first-time movers, what are some “first night essentials” to add to your moving checklist?

Pack an overnight bag, as if you were staying in a hotel (i.e. two outfits, daily toiletries and device chargers). In a tote, pack paper towels, garbage bags, wet wipes / hand soap and toilet paper, plus bottled water and snacks, as well as the left-over disposable plates, cups and utensils. Don’t forget about your tool kit!

Have another tote packed with bedding, pillows, and bed frame hardware in separate baggies labelled for each bed. Plan on putting your beds together as one of your first priorities at your new house on move day. Take all these items with you in your car so they don’t get misplaced or hidden within boxes during the move.

Organizing a moving checklist

Whether you’re moving into your first place, purchasing your family home, or downsizing, a Moving Checklist can be the most important element of your moving plan. Keeping yourself organized during this time can be quite the challenge, and a checklist can help relieve some of the stress. It’s important to make a schedule, or timeline, to make sure the things that need to be done beforehand aren’t left to the last minute – from what to do two months in advance leading up to the day prior to your big move. Our downloadable PDF is a fantastic guide for the most important aspects of a moving checklist.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed about decluttering and have questions about where to start, contact a professional organizer like Ange to get your home ready for your next step.