Whether you are hosting dinner parties for large gatherings, watching movies with the kids in the family room, or doing yoga in the bedroom, you require a flooring option that suits your needs (and your style).

Beyond the practicality of the floor itself (like how durable it is, and if it’s easy to clean), flooring is typically the largest surface area to consider in any space. It lays the foundation for the entire look that you are trying to achieve, making it a critical design element to keep in mind when choosing the finishes in your new home!

What Should You Consider?

What’s your style?

Do you like subtle neutrals or vibrant patterns and colours? Are you in love with an ultra-sleek polished tile or do you dream about a hand scraped rustic oak hardwood? With the seemingly endless options available today, there really are options to suit every taste and style.

What’s your lifestyle?

How do you intend to use the space? Do you have an active family, with children and pets that require something a bit more durable and forgiving? Or perhaps you are a single bachelor that is looking for something sleek and dramatic?

What’s your budget?

Each option will vary in cost, install and overall maintenance. Knowing the dollars and cents will help you stay on style, in budget.



With its versatility and durability, tile floors still remain one of the most popular choices for high-traffic areas in the home. Tile can look rustic or modern, and with so many different applications, patterns, and colours available, there are options for every taste and budget.  Hexagon shapes and herringbone pattern installs are classy and trendy (and available in our Design Studio!) One of my personal favorites are our fabulous printed cement tiles that offer that beautiful modern farmhouse look that is so on-trend today.

Some of our most-popular tile materials include:

Ceramic Tile.

Crafted from a mix of clays. Ceramic is porous, and normally finished with a protective glaze.

Porcelain Tile.

Made by firing finely ground clays and minerals at extremely high temperatures, porcelain is harder and denser than ceramic.

Natural Stone Tile.

Usually made from travertine, limestone, marble, granite, or slate. Stone is the most durable, improves with ages and can last a lifetime. However, it can be a more expensive option.

When to choose:

Tile is a great option for high-traffic or wet areas in the home, think bathrooms, laundry rooms, front foyers and mudrooms (or anywhere that snowy boots will collect and melt!), they also come standard in most kitchen plans, as they are very durable!


Like your favorite sweater, carpet is a soft, cozy and quite practical option. Because carpet fibers hold heat, this floor surface is a great insulator. It’s quiet to walk on, durable, nonslip, and typically a great value. Our carpets come in many colors, patterns and textures, that they can fit most design styles – and it comes standard in many areas of our homes, including bedrooms, some hallways, and upper family rooms!

When to choose:

Carpet is great for a family room, TV lounge, bedrooms and finished basements – or wherever you want that extra cozy feel or a non-slip surface for a great price!


Once considered a “step down” from the traditional solid floorings, laminate is making a comeback – and for good reason! With more realistic textures and colours that mimic the look of real wood, laminate is ideal for the busy high-traffic area that requires a durable, sometimes waterproof option. You’d be surprised to see just how many stylish and on-trend varieties of laminate we have available at the Design Studio!

Laminate flooring consists of a HDF (high density fiberboard) core, followed by a photo layer of the wood finish and topped with a wear layer. This wear layer is what provides the durable, stain-and-moisture-resistant finish that modern laminate is known for. Laminate also has an easy install, and as a floating floor (which means it’s not nailed or glued down!), it can be taken apart and re-used in another space if need be.

When to choose:

Laminate is a great, cost-effective option and is an easy-to-maintain option for just about any space!

Engineered hardwood

Engineered hardwood is a product made of a layer of hardwood on the surface with either a hardwood or plywood core. This is an excellent option to achieve the on-trend look of wider planks in a space, or a rustic, hand scraped and/or textured surface.

Engineered hardwoods are durable and scratch resistant, which means they’re as functional as they are beautiful! This means that they are a great choice for both cozy and relaxing living areas as well as hardworking spaces like kitchens, and can easily work as a continuous type of flooring throughout a main floor. In an open concept layout, having one type of flooring that flows throughout will give the space a continuous, clean look. As a bonus, they are easy to install and maintain, so they reacts more favorably to moisture changes within the home.

Did you know that engineered hardwood floors are standard in select rooms of our single-detached plans? Check out our floorplans here to see where you can find them in your favourite floorplan!

When to choose:

Engineered hardwood comes standard in the great rooms of many of our homes, which add personality and warmth to a space! They can also be extended to create a seamless main floor.

Want More Design Tips?

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