Marc Figueiredo

RBC Mortgage Specialists

Meet Marc – one of our Mortgage Specialist’s from RBC®!

Welcome to our Activa Mortgage Partner series! Every week, we’ll be revealing key insights from one of our seven mortgage partners.

At Activa, we understand that navigating the homebuying process can be challenging. That’s why we have developed a Mortgage Partner Program, with seven of the top banks and credit unions, designed to make your experience smoother and stress-free.

Let’s hear from one of our Mortgage Specialist’s, Marc Figueiredo from RBC®!

Why is now a good time to buy a new home?

With the current interest rates being high, demand for housing has lowered. We anticipate that when interest rates decrease, demand will increase again, and many will be unable to get into the market. If you buy a home today, you will be benefiting from less demand, and if you choose a longer closing date, a potential lower rate when it comes to the time of closing your home.

Why work with an Activa Mortgage Partner?

At RBC, we approve all mortgage applications at firm, which means we do everything upfront at the time of application – appraisal of the home, credit check, income confirmation, and down payment verification. As long as there are no financial changes to the home you are buying, this allows you to have confidence that the financing is secure until closing, regardless of what happens to your finances. We have seen how big of a difference firm approval can make, especially with pricing changing so drastically.

Additionally, we take pride in being familiar with ALL Activa projects so that we can confidently recommend any rebates that are available and give better overall advice to their buyers.

Why choose RBC?

One perk we would like to spotlight is our RBC® Green Home Mortgage Program, aimed at making owning an energy-efficient home accessible.

All Activa  homes qualify for this program, as they have either ENERGY STAR® or Net Zero Ready certification – which means lower monthly mortgage payments! An RBC Green Home Mortgage comes with the option to extend the amortization period up to 35 years, which is 5 years longer than a traditional mortgage.

There are many other benefits of this program, based on your individual situation, which an RBC Mortgage Specialist, such as myself, can answer.

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