Welcome to our Sustainability Starts at Home series, which aims to help you live a more sustainable and eco-friendly life! This blog focuses on the building principles and features we use to build your energy-efficient dream home.

All single detached homes built by Activa are Net Zero Ready, so your home is optimized to generate as much energy as an average family consumes annually! The best part about these homes is that they are built to a higher standard using advanced construction methods and materials, making them more comfortable. You can enjoy living in a healthier and more durable home, all while limiting your carbon footprint!

Continue reading to learn more about the energy-saving features in our homes that are better for you and the planet!

Extra Insulation 

Extra insulation provides ultimate heat loss resistance and better soundproofing, resulting in a tighter, more comfortable home. 1 1/2″ thick code board is used on our exterior walls, and foam insulation with a higher R-Value is blown-in to walls and ceilings for better thermal performance. The basement walls in an Activa home are 10” thick, and under the slab is a 2” layer of rigid foam insulation with a vapour barrier. These components are essential to reducing the energy needed to heat and cool the home, lowering your utility bills! 

Dual Fuel Furnace and Heat Pump

Activa’s Net Zero Ready homes have a built-in dual-fuel furnace and heat pump. This hybrid system pairs an electric heat pump and a gas furnace. The heat pump works like an A/C in the warmer months; in colder months, it pulls warm air from outside and moves it indoors to heat your home. The furnace takes over when the temperature changes, converting fuel into heat. The dual-fuel technology seamlessly alternates between the two energy sources for maximum efficiency, keeping your house comfortable even on extremely hot or cold days.

Energy Recovery Ventilation System 

The ERV acts as the lungs of the home year-round, replacing stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air while controlling humidity levels. In the winter months, an ERV transfers the humidity inside the home into the incoming fresh (or dry) air from the outside to help keep the internal humidity levels where they should be. In the summer, humidity is removed before entering the home – keeping excess moisture out!

By maintaining a comfortable humidity level in the home, the ERV provides many benefits, such as eliminating excess moisture and discomfort caused by dry air, such as static electricity, dry skin, and sore throats. Energy is saved by reducing the heat pump and dehumidifier load, resulting in a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable home. 

Low Flow Plumbing 

All Activa homes have low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce your water consumption. I know you’re wondering, does “low flow” mean less pressure for showers, flushing, brushing, and washing? Not even a little bit! It uses a high-pressure technique to create the same water pressure while limiting the amount of water expelled per minute, lowering water bills and energy usage.

airtightness: what is it and why does it matter in your home?


Aeroseal® is the most advanced air-sealing technology used in homes today! It is a self-guided sealing system that seals holes invisible to the human eye. After drywall goes up, an aerosol and a blower door pressurize the home and seal gaps in the building envelope that are not visible to the human eye. Building an airtight envelope is one of the most significant parts of building an energy-efficient home, as it keeps temperatures consistent throughout the year. Airtightness also keeps out dirty air, allergens and contaminants that are bad for your health. Plus, an airtight home saves money on heating and cooling costs!

Tankless Water Heater & Drain Water Heat Recovery System

A tankless water heater and drain water heat recovery system work together to save you time and energy! A tankless water heater (i.e., no water storage) uses an electric element to warm the water coming through the pipes as soon as you open the tap. As warm water from your shower flows down the waste drain, the drain water heat recovery system captures the heat from wastewater to preheat the incoming cold water, so you use less energy!

Triple Pane Windows

Triple pane windows with three sheets of glass, two air spaces filled with argon gas and low-E coatings separate the home’s inside from the outside. You can enjoy extra peace and quiet with the reduction in sound transmission and more consistent temperatures during the summer and winter months with just as much sunlight! The double insulation in the windows means better thermal control and a comfortable humidity level that stops moisture – for even further energy savings and a healthier home.

Ready to take the next step towards an eco-friendly home?

Invest in an ENERGY STAR® Certified, Net Zero Ready or Net Zero home in the Waterloo Region!

At Activa, all Townhomes are ENERGY STAR® certified, so your home is designed to be as much as 20% more energy-efficient than those built to minimum building code requirements. They feature energy-saving measures, such as insulation upgrades, higher-performance windows, better draft proofing and more efficient heating, hot water and air conditioning systems, for increased savings and comfort.

Net Zero Ready comes standard in all single detached homes so that your home is optimized to generate as much energy as an average family consumes annually– all it needs post-closing is energy-producing technology like solar panels to be installed! To take energy efficiency to the next level, upgrade your home to Net Zero with built-in and ready-to-use solar panels installed on the rooftop. This renewable energy source provides low-carbon, sustainable energy by generating electricity from the sun, saving you money over time.

To learn more about our ENERGY STAR® certified homes, click here.

To learn more about our Net Zero Ready homes, click here.


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