Our company president Tony Giovinazzo and his family recently moved into a new Activa home. He’s here on ActivaLearn today to share a little more about what rightsizing means to him, and why it’s something we celebrate here at Activa.


No two families are alike, and everyone has a unique vision of their perfect home. For some, the perfect home is a condo they can lock up and leave when they head out to travel the world. For others, its having a fourth bedroom so their aging parents can live at home.

Your story, your needs, are uniquely your own.

That’s why this fall we’re celebrating rightsizing, the notion of finding the right home for your distinct needs. It’s not about buying the biggest, fanciest home in your budget; it’s about finding the home with space in all the right places, a location you love, features that will support you as your family grows and changes, and of course, the rightsized price tag.

Rightsizing Families

All month long, we’re celebrating the diversity among real Activa families and special reasons why they’ve fallen in love with their rightsized home by sharing their stories with you. We’ll hear from young couples just starting their lives together, busy parents with growing families, and couples who are ready for a smaller space about the little things that make their home exactly right for them.

Each of these families has a unique story behind why they love their home – just like you and I. For my family, we knew our home was the rightsize for us because it had space that allows us to enjoy the company of those we cherish most – whether that’s an evening watching TV with my daughters, breaking bread and sharing laughs with our closest friends in the dining room, or getting to know our neighbours out on our deck. I’ve always believed home is where you enrich the most important relationships in your life and find the solace and support you need; our home has been designed in a way that makes connecting with others easy.

Even though the rightsized home is different for each of us, deep down it has the same important attributes: the right amount of space in the places most important to you, room for your favourite activities, and a place to spend time with your loved ones.

Celebrating rightsizing is important to us at Activa because we’re committed to meeting the needs of diverse families across the Waterloo Region. Like I said earlier, no two families are alike, and we keep this in mind during every step of our process, investing time into creating well-considered home designs, with ready-made personalization options that meet the true needs of our purchasers – so it feels like home the moment you walk through the door. It goes back to our fundamental belief that the homes and communities we build are ones we would be proud to call home ourselves.

I hope that you follow along with us this fall to learn more about the similarities, and differences, shared by families across Waterloo Region searching for their rightsized home!


All the best,
Tony Giovinazzo

Tony Giovinazzo

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