Marla Jutras

Marla Jutras
Design Studio Consultant

Meet Marla – our expert Design Studio consultant here to help you select luxurious upgrades for your powder room and primary bathroom ensuite. Continue reading as she provides the best tips and tricks for designing a luxurious at-home oasis you will love!

Creating a bathroom sanctuary with spa-like upgrades is on people’s radar and will continue to be for years to come! We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so choosing a more luxurious design tailored to you and your needs is essential and will be a great long-term investment. Check out these popular upgrade trends we are seeing for new homes in 2023!


Floating Vanity

Wall-mounted bathroom vanities are gaining popularity due to their functionality and supreme design! A floating vanity mounts to the wall and ‘floats’ mid-air. Its levitating appearance makes the space feel larger while showing off your unique floor tile – however, it doesn’t take away from providing sufficient storage for your toiletries. You can showcase attractive hand towels, toiletries, and flowerpots on the countertop for added elegance.

Quartz Countertops

You can’t go wrong with the perfect duo of a floating vanity and quartz countertops. This style has gained popularity in kitchens and has been diversely used in bathrooms! A quartz countertop allows for easier maintenance and is much more visually appealing than a laminate material countertop. Playing with contrasting shapes and textures is a great way to liven up a neutral palette in your bathroom! Plus, choosing quartz countertops for your bathroom will ensure that the focal point of your space is durable and easy to clean.

Soaker Tub 

Promote relaxation and reduce stress with a luxury soaker tub. Not only will this bring visual interest to your primary ensuite, but it will also transform the room into a spa-like oasis! While it looks beautiful, a soaker tub offers many health benefits, such as soothing tired muscles and joints and reducing anxiety and tension.

Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles have returned from the ornate Victorian era, and we love this new revival trend! These patterned ceramic floor tiles offer your bathroom a fresh and bold design. Make your powder room pop with a fun and colourful tile pattern, or add encaustic tiles to your shower walls for visual interest in your primary ensuite! Are you bold enough to make such a splash?

Tile base showers

A tile-based shower is a type of shower constructed using tiles as the primary material for the shower walls and floor. In a tile-based shower, individual tiles are laid on a waterproof backing material to create a watertight, durable, and easy-to-clean surface. The tiles can be made from various materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, stone, or glass, and can be installed in multiple patterns and designs to create a custom look!

Rain Showerheads 

Swapping your shower head for a rain shower is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your bathroom! The rain shower head mounts to the ceiling and sprinkles water that feels like a drizzle of rain. Not only will it add style to your bathroom design, but it will also create a rainforest, spa-like feel. This feature works great for oversized showers and would look perfect in your ensuite bathroom.

Ceiling Height Mirrors

A large mirror will visually heighten the room and make it look bigger. Ceiling-height mirrors reflect natural and artificial light by accentuating and brightening the space while looking stylish.


The bathroom is the best place to start when looking for ways to brighten up a space in your home. Extra potlights can make all the difference, especially if this is the place you are getting ready. Adding potlights in your shower or around your tub are also ideal locations and can give a spa-like feel to your bathroom. Plus, extra lighting in your bathrooms that don’t have a window will show off the room’s beautiful finishes!

Radiant Floor Heating 

Installing radiant floor heating in your bathroom brings a spa-like serenity. This luxurious feature enhances your steam shower experience by creating warm airspace around the shower and tub for a more comforting and relaxing feel, especially on cold winter mornings! You can rely on your radiant heated flooring to eliminate the cold bathroom tiles when getting out of your steamy shower or bath.

Shower Niche

A shower niche can be a practical addition to any shower! This tiny detail is surprisingly significant in how well your shower functions. It eliminates the need for caddies or other storage solutions that can take up valuable space and create clutter in the shower. It also helps keep the area organized and clean, as all your products will be stored within easy reach. Consider incorporating a unique tile into the shower niche for a more dramatic look.

Your Design Studio Experience

Setting a budget for your upgrades is essential as you start planning for your Materials & Finishes Appointment and gathering inspiration for what you want your home to look like. At the Activa Design Studio, we offer high-end features and finishes that come standard for you to choose from and upgraded options to take your home to the next level. Setting a budget will allow our team members to present options that fit this. The Design Studio is an exciting experience, but we want to ensure you stay within what you can afford. You can learn more tips on preparing for your visit in our Design Studio Selection blog.

We can’t wait to meet you for your Materials & Finishes Appointment at the Activa Design Studio, and we hope you are as excited as we are! While you’re there, we encourage you to take pictures during your appointment. You can even tag @builtbyactiva on Instagram or Facebook to be featured on our page. See you there!