openingquotePerfect from beginning to end. 

We’re a small family of 3, and our one level 967 sqft foot home is a perfect size for all of our needs. The space provides us with an open concept layout with lots of storage and functionality.

Our favourite part of our home is, by far, our main living area. The floor plan is open concept between our kitchen, dining room and living room. The kitchen layout provides us with maximum cabinet storage space, and we were able to upgrade parts of the kitchen to suit our needs – we upgraded to the pantry for all my baking needs, the kitchen island for all our pots and pans and a place for us and guests to sit with the additional 2 bar stools! The upgraded granite countertops are breathtaking with the combination of the marble hexagon backsplash. The pull out garbage and recycling bins are a dream and opened up more space under the sink. Walking into our completed condo for the first time was everything we could have hoped for and it is feeling I will never forget.

Our experience with Activa was perfect from beginning to end. As someone that works in Customer Service, I had high standards walking into this build. Our first contact was with the sales team, and it was a joy to work with both Richard and Lidia. They were thorough when going over all the details and steps in the sale, always responded promptly to all our e-mails – and a team that can make us laugh is always a bonus. We then moved on to our Colour Appointment with our Design Studio Consultant select all of our upgrades and colors. With so many items to choose from, Tiffany made us feel at ease and confident about our choices. We then met with Tammy, our Customer Experience Coordinator, to do our first walk through and our Final PDI, and she was a joy to work with.

The neighbourhood provides us with a quiet area away from traffic and the sounds of cars while still having shopping just minutes from our doorstep. The playground in our condo amenity area provides a great place for our toddler to play with the other kids in the neighbourhood. Not to mention, easy access to the highway is a bonus for a faster commute to work!