openingquote Supportive since day one.

We have now been in our home for just over two years and love being here – our home is perfect for the two of us. We use our family room the most in our home, it’s a great place for morning coffee and reading the daily newspapers. During the day we use it to read, watch TV programs that we have taped or are on air at that time. I also keep my basket of wool by the couch so I can crochet whenever I want. The family room is very close to our kitchen which makes it easy when we want a snack. The kitchen is another area I like. When we were purchasing our appliances we chose the best we could afford. We have lots of counter space, an island with double sinks as well as numerous cupboards and drawers for storage of pot and pans, cutlery, baking pans, and also a double pantry for goods that I use most often. These areas are great since they’re all on one floor and very accessible.

All the Activa contacts at that time were easy to speak to and kept us current on how our unit was progressing. They also toured the condo with us at various times in the build and answered all our questions. Tanya, who helped us select our options for our home was great. She showed us what was available and she also questioned us if she wasn’t sure our choice was a good one. Since she had a lot of experience in this area, we discussed her choice and usually went along with it. Jabe, the site supervisor, was available to answer questions during the building process. He was also present during the build to tour the condo with us. He answered our many questions when we had a pre-drywall inspection.

The best moment was when the condo became ours. Our furniture wasn’t coming until the day after we took possession. But we wanted to be able to sleep there that night. So….we went to the store, bought a blow-up mattress and (yes) we slept on that in our new bedroom. We thought it was a great idea until we had to get up off the floor in the morning!

We love the friendliness of others who have bought in Grey Silo Gate. We often see them in passing while going to get the mail, out for a walk, sitting on our porch or on our deck. We’ve become good friends with quite a few of our neighbours.

There are a couple of excellent restaurants in the area, like Levettos (Italian food) and Sandy’s Kitchen (Chinese food). You’ll find great fresh food from both places! There is also an excellent Pharmacy (Pharmacare) which is owned by, possibly, the best pharmacist we have ever met. Patty explains what prescriptions are for, answers all of everyone’s questions, remembers your name, and is always smiling no matter how busy she is!