openingquoteThe home we envisioned!

Our experience with Activa has been absolutely excellent!

Having previously built a home with another builder, we had a precedent for what we should expect during the building journey.  The Activa team positively exceeded those expectations in all aspects of the process.

John was the first member of the Activa team that I met with and he quickly introduced me to Mark, but was always there in the background to support the process throughout the journey.

Mark guided us through the purchasing decision in a manner that made us feel comfortable; we felt like we had made an instant friend from the first day we met.  Mark really got to know us and truly understood the vision for what we were trying to accomplish.  He put up with our thousands of questions and our crazy attention to detail. Even after the deal was signed and he had transitioned us over to Julie and the Customer Service team, he was still available if we wanted to double check something or just stop in to say hi.

Our Design Studio Consultant did an awesome job on the colour selection, including putting up with us second guessing our exterior colours choices.  I am happy to say we stayed with our original choices that our consultant had helped us select; they look great now that we can see the finished product.

Julie has been very responsive and attentive during the building process.  She has made this last phase go very smoothly as we prepare to move in.

And finally, while there are a large number of trades and skilled professionals that put their time and energy into building our house, our site supervisor’s ability to manage them all to deliver absolute quality is nothing short of heroic.  Every time we met with our site supervisor during this process it was absolutely clear that they knew exactly what was going on with our build and that he was taking personal ownership and pride in delivering to us the best house he could possibly build, in line with our expectations and design vision.

Thank you to the Activa team for building us the home we envisioned.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the process and the outcome.