Your Pre-Drywall Appointment is one of the most exciting parts of the home building journey – after all, it is the first time you will get to see your new home! At this appointment, you’ll have a chance to tour your home with your Customer Experience Coordinator and a Site Representative during the beginning stages of construction (before drywall, cabinetry, paint and other finishes are installed) and ask questions about the progress.

But, before you head to your appointment, here are three things you need to know that will make it more meaningful, educational, and enjoyable!


Pre-Drywall Activa

1) This appointment is for you.

Unlike the Pre-Delivery Inspection, which is mandatory for all new homes in Ontario under Tarion guidelines, the Pre-Drywall Appointment is a unique appointment that Activa offers homeowners to help educate them and make the construction process more enjoyable. Not all builders will offer this appointment, but we offer it whenever we can because we think it’s incredibly valuable for our homeowners!

We aim to give all of our homeowners a pre-drywall experience, however, due to the nature of construction we aren’t able to offer this appointment in select cases. For instance, we are unable to offer pre-drywall appointments to purchasers in larger condominium buildings like Reflections at Laurelwood or Trailside at Grey Silo Gate, because it would be unsafe to take homeowners through the building at this point in construction. Additionally, we are unable to offer pre-drywall appointments to homeowners who purchase homes after the drywall has been installed (like our move-in-ready homes!)

Since construction schedules are fairly flexible before the dry-wall is installed, we’re unable to schedule this appointment far in advance; however, our goal is to give a minimum of one week’s notice before the appointment. You can plan that your appointment will take about an hour, where you’ll have a chance to talk one-on-one with your Customer Experience Coordinator and a Site Representative– making this an educational experience suited specifically to your needs. For this reason, we ask that only the homeowners attend this appointment so that we can have your undivided attention.

Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and videos! Our homeowners often say that seeing their new home being built is emotional, exciting, and comforting, so plan to capture these memories.


Pre-drywall Activa

2) Your home may not be what you expected – yet.

Your home is still under construction, and there is still a long way to go before it is ready for you and your family to move in. Therefore, your home may seem different than you imagined it; without drywall, rooms may seem larger or smaller than they really are. Don’t worry, your house will feel exactly like it should once construction is a little further along.

It’s important to note that, at this time we will not be able to add any new features or make any changes to the construction of your home. Any structural changes you’d like to request must be confirmed before your home is firm at the Sales Centre, and your last opportunity to make any cosmetic design requests is during your Colour Sign Off Appointment at the Design Studio. These deadlines ensure efficient, accurate and high-quality construction for our homeowners!

3) Remember, safety first!

When we are on-site, safety always comes first. Because of this, we’re unable to allow anyone on-site without the appropriate footwear. No high heels, flip-flops, or crocs, please! We ask that you come wearing closed-toe shoes (but if you have safety shoes feel free to bring them along), and we’ll supply the hard hat.

Since this is an active construction site, we’re unable to allow anyone under the age of 16 into your new home – including your children. Although we do our best to maintain safety on-site at all times, there are inherent safety hazards present on construction sites that make them unsuitable for children. We know that you’re excited to show your children their new home, but this is not a safe time to do that, so please find alternative arrangements for them during your appointment.

The above safety procedures are essential for this appointment, and we are unable to let homeowners on site that do not follow these rules.  By following our safety protocols we’ve outlined above, and the ones explained in more detail in your Customer Experience Binder, you are ensuring your participation in this exciting appointment– one we wouldn’t want you to miss out on in your home building journey!

We hope these tips have given you the tools to help prepare for your Pre-Drywall Appointment. Remember, if you have any additional questions you can contact your Customer Experience Coordinator – we are here to help!