Welcome to our fourth installment of our Building a Home Series on ActivaLearn! Thus far, you’ve met with our Sales Representatives and a Design Studio Consultant to help make some big and exciting decisions; now, it’s time to watch all your hard work come to life during The Construction Process! Read on to learn what happens after your permit is approved and your home is ready to build.

Built to Last

Activa builds better and smarter. You’ve been dreaming of the perfect home, your “forever” home, the one where you can turn life’s everyday moments into lasting memories. Luckily, Activa specializes in making homeowners’ dreams come true and building homes designed to last for generations to come. Our high-quality construction process has earned us the elite status as an ENERGY STAR® certified builder with above code energy-efficient features for a healthier, more comfortable and environmentally-friendly home.


Your Customer Experience Coordinator

Building homes, not just houses, is at the core root of our values. Doubt and fear don’t belong here – Activa replaces anxiety with confidence and excitement! A Customer Experience Coordinator will accompany you through the rest of your home buying journey. Our goal is to create a stress-free experience while you’re on this exciting adventure, so your dream home will soon become a reality!

Activa Customer Experience

Your First Walk Through

The construction process first begins with excavation where our team will form a level surface on which to build the foundation of your new home. From there, the framing and rough-in will be completed including wiring and plumbing installations. Before we move forward with closing walls and ceilings, you will have a “Pre-Drywall Appointment” to walk through your home with a Site Representative and your Customer Experience Coordinator. We will confirm that everything built matches exactly the plans you have agreed on, and we will answer any questions you may have about the building process.

Note: mid-rise buildings, select multi-residential units, and some spec homes will not be able to accommodate this appointment. 

Building an Activa Home

Your Second Walk Through

Once you have had your “Pre-Drywall Appointment” and any comments have been noted, our team will begin to put up the drywall, install your pre-selected finishes to the interior and exterior of the home and will add on a fresh coat of paint. Approximately 1-2 weeks before your move-in date, you will have another walkthrough of the home with a Site Representative and your Customer Experience Coordinator. During this “Pre-Delivery Inspection,” you will learn about the important mechanics and maintenance functions of your home. This is also your opportunity to point out any deficiencies you see to be touched up during one last thorough cleaning of your home before we hand the keys over.

PRO TIP: Please prepare for your on-site appointment by wearing closed-toe shoes or safety shoes. We will supply you with a hard hat for your visit. No children are permitted at these appointments.

Stay Tuned  

Your picture-perfect home is ready for you, but that’s not where our story ends. Stay tuned next week to learn more about the last steps and moving in!