With the holidays right around the corner, our Activa construction sites remain a hive of activity! The dedication of our team has ensured steady progress and exciting developments in each of our vibrant communities.

Continue reading to learn more about the latest December Construction Updates in 2023!

Vista Hills, Waterloo

Discover parks, trails, and greenspace — and find the things that matter to you. Over two decades of meticulous planning have made Vista Hills a community that stands out!

Net Zero Ready Singles

Our Singles site is a hub of growth, with foundations multiplying, framing advancing and masonry and siding continuing.

Stacked Condo Townhomes

Our construction team continues on siding and stucco work on our Stacked Condo Townhomes – take a peek at how beautiful these homes are beginning to look!

The Trailside Towns, Waterloo

Nestled into the countryside at the head of the Walter Bean Trail, The Trailside Towns blends carefree living with neighbouring natural areas. These townhomes offer homeowners a peaceful and relaxing lifestyle right in Waterloo.

Three-Storey Rear-Garage Condo Townhomes

Excitement is buzzing through The Trailside Towns as homeowners continue to move into their new homes. With masonry work and siding continues to wrap up on the remaining blocks.

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Trussler West, Kitchener

Feel the difference of intimate streetscapes and friendly folks. A neighbourhood where your children will meet their best friends forever at the local park, and you’ll chat with yours over coffee on the front porch. A space where natural beauty isn’t far from home – the entire community surrounds it! This is what home means to us: a place where you can live, grow and create life’s most precious memories.

Phase II Net Zero Ready Singles

Infrastructure is in place at our Phase II site – we hope you’re as excited to see this community grow as we are!

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Net Zero Ready Single Detached Homes

Progress marches forward on the remaining single detached in Phase I, with foundations, framing, and finishing work progressing daily.

Condo Townhomes

Framing continues on many blocks of our Trussler Townhomes. Expect to see more exterior cladding and interior finishes completed soon.

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Harvest Park, Doon South 

Discover a brighter future in a community where tradition and innovation meet in perfect balance. A home where naturally-inspired living is rooted in community design, and inspiration and connection are just outside your front door, waiting to be explored. Plant your roots in a home where the small moments in life make it all worthwhile. A home where laughs will be shared with friends, and a community feels like family.

ENERGY STAR® Freehold Townhomes!

Masonry work on Freehold Townhomes is complete while siding work continues, marking the final stages of construction.

Net Zero Ready Single Detached Homes

Our Single Detached homes are also abuzz with activity, with foundations, framing, and finishing continuing.

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ENERGY STAR® Condo Villas

PLUS, excavation work has begun for our Villas! Excitement is building quickly for these units – make sure to act fast!

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Reminder: We’re closed for the holidays!

As a friendly reminder, our Design Studio, Head Office and Sales Centres will be closed from December 23rd to January 1st. We ask that you please be patient for a response from our team during this time and know that we look forward to connecting with you in the New Year.