Message From Our CEO

“I have been part of the Activa team for over 13 years, and fortunate enough to have led this team through several mergers and acquisitions, each time ensuring that we united everyone under one Vision and set of Values. For each of us at Activa, our Vision and Values guide our behaviour toward our customers, business partners and each other.  We strive to create a positive impact in everything we do – from creating vibrant communities in the Region that create safe and welcoming surroundings, to building a variety of home options that allow the homeownership dream to become a reality. Personally, I am determined to create an engaging work environment as an employer of choice for my colleagues and ensure that Activa is community leader that promotes to the growth and vitality of Waterloo Region.  If you have purchased an Activa home, I thank you for your confidence in Activa, and if you are considering an Activa home, I assure you that we will strive to create a new home buying journey filled with excitement and confidence as we make your dream a reality!”

Tony Giovinazzo

Chief Executive Officer