Tony Giovinazzo


Describe what “bringing life to communities” means to you

Community extends far beyond that of roads, sidewalks, and houses. It’s where you and others around you have a feeling of fellowship as a result of sharing common interests, enjoyment of your homes and the features around your homes. Community brings a sense of belonging and looking out for those around you. I believe this is something that Activa truly helps foster.


Why did you choose to make Kitchener-Waterloo not just your place of work, but your home?

Not being a KW native, “opportunity” first attracted me to KW, the chance to expand my career in a new role. I guess “opportunity” was the driving force for my decision to stay. Meeting my beautiful wife in KW and raising a family offered us such a depth of possibilities: great amenities, vibrancy, stability, economic resilience, safety, great educational establishments, balance of urban and rural, work-life balance and finally a welcoming community. That’s why I call KW “home”.


What is it about Activa that brings you into work every day?

The opportunity to work with such stellar people and, together, accomplish great things. Always having the sense that I am part of an organization that builds careers and makes individuals feel valuable. Valuable by meeting their life needs and making their home ownership dreams come true, but also contributing to making others’ dreams a reality – from owning/renting a home, to providing local organizations the necessary assistance to enrich the lives of many in our great community/Region.


What does local mean to you?

Activa has flourished due to the vibrancy of this community, and we feel it is incumbent on us to provide to Waterloo Region’s vitality through our support of organizations and business partners which are proud to call Waterloo Region home. We have vested interest in this Region’s success in every facet!


What do you love about this industry?

Our industry materially contributes to the health of individuals and the community at large, by providing a “home”. Home provides not only the physical space but more importantly the emotional space where individuals and families find their solace and enjoyment. We provide one of the essentials of life, which I love. 

Geoff McMurdo

Chief Administrative Officer

John Hartwick

Chief Financial Officer

Jamie Parton

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Armbruster

Vice President
Community Development

Roger Brooks

Vice President
Information Systems and Technology

Amy Ashton

Vice President
Employee Corporate Services