2019 offered a variety of design trends like bold and dramatic greens, the resurgence of warmth, mixed metals, patterns and texture, and more! 2019 also said goodbye to millennial pink, mid-century modern décor, and dark walls. To ring in 2020, our Design Studio is celebrating new interior design trends for the start of a new decade! Keep reading to hear Activa’s Top 5 2020 Design Trends…

Activa Brookstone

1. Return of Black

It’s predicted that in 2020, all black everything will rule interior design! Black will be found on cabinets, sinks, paint, countertops, and even walls for a luxurious, rich element within the home. Contrary to popular belief, black doesn’t make a room look smaller if you pair it with a contrasting palette such as splashes of white or other light shades. Our Design Studio experts used black as a pop of drama in our Brookstone model (pictured above), but used off-white walls, light woods, and greys to ensure the home wasn’t overwhelmingly dark.

2. Eclectic Glamour

This trend is a bold, sassy and confident take on glamour interior design. The colour palette features rich tones like royal blue and ruby red while paired with warm tones like rose and bronze for accents. This interior design style is perfect for any room where you want to make a grand statement. Think – a gold cocktail trolley, coffee table, or bar cart in the centre of the living room with couches and chairs that are full of character. Statement floorboards (such as the herringbone style featured above), patterned rugs, and waffle ceilings also add a lavish feeling to the space.

3. Japandi

This new design trend is a mixture of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity. Japandi is the perfect trend for those who want a home that feels like a sanctuary and generally follow a less-is-more lifestyle. This style favours uncluttered spaces, a calm colour palette, and clean lines when it comes to décor and finishes. Like contemporary design, contrast is key to creating an interesting interior. Most Japandi designs start with a dark base colour, and feature light woods incorporated throughout the room with unique curved furniture, which is inspired by Japanese home design. The décor also features Scandinavian characteristics like clean lines and simple forms, with functionality at its core.

4. Structured Simplicity

The purpose of Structured Simplicity is to create a calm, comfy, and chill space to relax and re-energize. Instead of the typical grey as the go-to neutral tone, designers are using warmer tones and favouring beige colour palettes. This new type of home design will continue to grow popular as homeowners become more aware of sustainability in the home; the simple, unfussy pieces of furniture lend themselves well to a simplistic life approach. Our Design Studio experts made use of the structured simplicity design trend in our Sandridge model (pictured above) by keeping the colour palette clean with white, beige and muted green accents throughout the home. Want this look for your new home? Ask our Design Studio Consultants how to achieve it at your Colour Selection appointment!

5. Multi-Functional Furniture

Furniture with multiple uses is perfect for small spaces, (like condos) and helps to make a home as stylish and functional as possible. This design style is also great for those who love to get the best bang for their buck when it comes to furnishings – making multi-functional furniture the perfect investment. Multi-functional furniture includes the use of platform beds with drawers at the base, desks with shelves on top, or small tables that turn into a bigger dining room table. Futons, day beds, and storage ottomans are perfect for compact living and bedrooms to ensure there’s accommodation options for guests. You can even incorporate a mini island that can be pushed against a wall to hold food or drink accessories when not in use. The options are endless!

Curious on how to use multi-functional furniture in your home? Our top picks from Tepperman’s may inspire you:


What’s your favourite up-and-coming style for 2020?

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