Historic Backdrop.

New Beginnings.

The Ormston lands were some of the first to be settled in the Waterloo Region, paving the way for our future city to take root. Together with the Ormston family, Activa is reimagining these lands into vibrant and modern streetscapes – a place of harmony between what once was, and what is soon to come.

Carefully designed to respect the unique heritage lands that border this community, Ormston at Doon South unites our Region’s past with our collective future.

Ormston at Doon South is now sold out. Looking for your new home? Stay tuned for new releases in the Waterloo Region. 


Home to a proposed future school site, nearby parks and trails, and easy access to highway 401, Ormston at Doon South seamlessly incorporates modern amenities on its historical backdrop.

Inspired by the ingenuity of the pioneers who built a new life here over two hundred years ago, the Ormston family’s historic farmstead will remain in the community, serving as a reminder of our region’s roots and just how far we’ve come.

  • Easy Access to 401

    Easy Access to 401

  • Future School Site

    Future School Site

  • Modern Amenities & Historical Backdrop

    Modern Amenities & Historical Backdrop

  • Nearby Parks and Trails

    Nearby Parks and Trails

Site Location


Ormston at Doon South is now sold out.

Keep an eye out for upcoming releases later this year!

155 Washburn Dr, Kitchener