Here at Activa, we offer townhomes in a variety of different floorplan layouts. From stacked condo townhomes to three-storey condo townhomes, and traditional townhomes at varying prices, there truly is something for everyone!

Across our communities, we build several different types of townhomes (or towns) in order to fit density requirements from the Region, as well as the budget and square footage requirements of our homeowners. They can vary quite a bit in size, design, and style, and it’s often hard to tell the differences solely from the names. It may be confusing to know which townhome is suitable for you, which is why we want to ensure you know the differences in what we build to fit your lifestyle! Continue reading to learn more about the different types of townhomes we offer in the Waterloo Region.

Freehold Townhomes by Activa

Freehold Townhomes in Harvest Park

Freehold Townhomes:

A freehold townhome is connected to other dwellings on either side (or a single side, in the case of an end unit). It is similar to a single detached home, meaning that you own the physical house and the property it sits on. You are responsible for all improvements, repairs, and maintenance inside and outside the home, but this gives you the freedom to make your house your own, inside and out! Freehold townhomes tend to be larger and more expensive than condo townhomes, however, you don’t pay extra maintenance fees for common areas or condo association fees.

A freehold townhome is a great fit if you are looking to enter the market, looking to right-size, want more control over your property, or if you’re looking for an excellent investment opportunity. Overall, the most crucial and beneficial pro of buying a freehold townhouse is that you are 100% in control over your home. That means your new house is a blank canvas. You can decorate, upgrade, and maintain your house according to your budget and lifestyle!

The Trailside Towns

Condo Townhomes:

Condo townhomes are situated in a planned condo community run by a governing board of directors known as a condo board. As a condo owner, you elect and vote for a board of directors, or you can become a director yourself. The board of directors will oversee the business affairs of the condominium corporation. Their responsibilities include:

  • Ensure the corporation is run in compliance with the Condominium Act
  • Tracking the condominium’s financial performance
  • Ensuring all required maintenance and repairs are completed
  • Propose changes to condominium by-laws.
  • Enact rules to promote the safety, security, and welfare of all owners.
  • Provide regular communication with the other owners


The pros of condominium ownership are that you have fewer maintenance and repair responsibilities. Owners are only responsible for maintaining and repairing everything inside of the unit in a condo townhome, and the exterior maintenance is managed by someone else, which is paid monthly in condo fees. The best part about it is, in many condo communities, you are able to ditch the shovel and the lawnmower and spend more time with friends and family or exploring local trails and shops.

Looking to purchase a townhome in the Waterloo Region?

Our communities are designed to fit various homeowners’ needs through our many floorplan options. See a list below for Townhomes now available for purchase in Vista Hills, The Trailside Towns, Trussler West, and Harvest Park!

Stacked Condo Townhomes in Vista Hills

Stacked Condo Townhome

We are now selling Stacked Condo Townhomes in Vista Hills and Trussler West. Ranging from 1,090 sq. ft. to 1,440 sq. ft., these townhomes stack on top of one another. They give homeowners more separation than a typical condo because each unit has its own exterior front door and there are no elevators or shared lobbies. Our Stacked Condo Townhomes range from one floor to two floors of living space, depending on the unit.

If you are someone who travels a lot or you have a busy work schedule, a Stacked Townhome might be a great fit for you! These homes are perfect for a lock-and-go lifestyle. You can feel confident in your purchase knowing there is less maintenance than a single detached home or freehold townhome, leaving you with plenty of time to do the things you love most!


Dahlia, Hibiscus and Viola are Stacked Condo Townhomes that are currently available for purchase in Vista Hills. Click here to learn more! 

The Isla and The Asher are two-over-two Stacked Condo Townhomes that are currently available for purchase in Trussler West. Click here to learn more!

Back-to-Back Condo Townhome

Back-to-Back Condo Townhomes share a back wall and side walls with neighbours while still providing plenty of privacy with their own separate entrances. Pull up to your 1,796+ sq. ft. 1-car garage townhome and open the door to a spacious foyer and rec room area. This space offers as a multi-functional area that can be easily altered as your family, routine, and needs change.

The main floor offers a modern, open-concept kitchen and living space for easy entertaining. With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, including a principal bedroom with a walk-in closet and a three-piece ensuite, this home is perfect for first-time homebuyers or those looking to right-size from a single detached home. Back-to-Back Townhomes are growing in popularity for all sorts of homeowners and investors who value functionality.


The Beckett is a Back-to-back Condo Townhome that is currently available for purchase in Trussler West. Click here to learn more!

Two-Storey Condo Townhomes in Trussler West

Two-Storey Condo Townhomes

Two-Storey or Traditional townhomes are likely what you imagine when you think of townhomes. They share side walls with the neighbouring home and can vary in terms of how many units are in one building. These homes typically have a basement, are two-storey, and are often similar in size to single detached homes. These homes range between 1,482 – 1,899 Sq. Ft., 3-4 bedrooms, 2.5-3 bathrooms, and 1-2-car garage – perfect for growing families!


The Quinn (end/corner unit) and The Avani (interior unit) are Two-Storey Condo Townhomes that are currently available for purchase in Trussler West. Click here to learn more!

Townhomes in Trussler West

Three-storey Condo Townhomes in Trussler West

Three-Storey Condo Townhome

A Three-Storey Condo Townhome has 1,894+ sq. ft. of living space with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a 1 or 2-car garage (dependent on the unit) to accommodate your lifestyle. It is built slab-on-grade, which means it has no basement. Enjoy the ability to extend your living space outside on the rear deck, where you can host family BBQs or enjoy quiet time outdoors. This element of the home makes it pet friendly – you can easily let your furry friends outside for some fresh air! A Three-Storey Townhome is perfect for growing families with the amount of space it offers. Plus, these homes typically have a flex space on the third floor to accommodate your family’s needs, even if it changes over time.


The Berklee and The Henley are Three-storey Condo Townhomes that are currently available for purchase in Trussler West. Click here to learn more!


Rear-Garage Condo Townhome

A Rear-Garage Condo Townhome is similar to a Three-Storey Condo Townhome, the difference is that the garage is at the back of the home rather than the front. The unit is larger, with over 1,836 sq. ft., 3.5 bathrooms, 3+ bedrooms, and a 2-car garage. Rear-Garage Townhomes allow you to maximize your front entrance, so you can sit outside on the front porch and drink your morning coffee with a view of your new neighbourhood. Enjoy the benefit of walking up to your front door and allowing the beauty of your home to stand out!

The Sandalwood and The Teak are Rear-Garage Condo Townhomes that are currently available for purchase at The Trailside Towns. Click here to learn more!

The Ryker is a Rear-Garage Condo Townhome that is currently available for purchase in Trussler West. Click here to learn more!

Condo Villas in Harvest Park

Condo Villas

A Condo Villa is a one-story building with an external patio and a front garden or terrace. Villas have a long history dating back to the Roman Emplire. They were mostly constructed on the rural estates of upper-class Romans, with exquisite pools, gardens, farmlands, and other structures surrounding it. However, nowadays, Villas are still more common in suburbs than in metropolitan areas. These homes have an open concept living area, and 1-3 bedrooms, 1-2.5 bathrooms, and 1 parking space. Typically, The Villas’ location connects people with nature as each unit in this release offers a walk-out floorplan. You will feel the difference as you step out onto your back deck or your covered patio from your stunning modern home, surrounded by mature trees and gorgeous views that will never be touched.

The Aiden (Garden Unit) & The Romy (Upper Unit) are Condo Villas that are currently available for purchase in Harvest Park. Click here to learn more!

Looking for a townhome in the Waterloo Region?

Townhomes are an excellent choice for many, and we are excited to bring a variety of townhome floorplans to the Waterloo Region. Plus, we offer them in great, family-friendly neighbourhoods near schools, parks, and the other amenities you love. We are also proud to build our townhomes with careful attention to fire and sound separation to ensure our homeowners’ privacy, comfort, and safety.




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